25 Laugh-Out-Loud Funny Dog Pics

Look, believe me when I say there’s absolutely no shortage of amazing dogs on the internet. We also have to give credit where credit is due to the parents who capture just the right moments with just the right touch of wit. Here are 25 more perfectly captured and expertly captioned pictures of pups online.

51. “Loved having grandma over for thanksgiving. Dog annoyed.”


It’s a tennis ball! Why can’t I play with it?

52. “It’s so hard being fabulous!”

via Reddit

You can almost hear the fake sigh of exhaustion.

53. “Doggo went under for surgery and now he is DRUGGO”


Oh. My. God. DRUGGO!

54. “It’s so hot the dog has started to melt”


Which part is the and which part is carpet?

55. “Barkley finally met someone who doesn’t want to be friends with him…”


Don’t take it personally Barkley!

56. “My wife just sent me our baby announcement”


Someone’s getting a head start at big sister-ing.

57. “Gabby knows where all the heating vents are”


If it heats, I sits.

58. “I’m not saying that my dog should respect the cat a little bit more, but….”


The cat does not look pleased.

59. Cat Hat


This cat, however, does look pleased.

60. “Even though my dog’s eyesight is gone he still enjoys looking out the window.”


Shh, it’s fine. No one correct him.



They love each other so much!

62. “Just got back from three weeks in SE Asia, this was the first thing my wife did when we got in the door”


Always remember to get something for your kids on your trip.

63. “The most handsome guest at my friend’s wedding”


Hope this one’s seated at the singles table.

64. “Somehow he got the floor vent stuck to his collar…rip’d it off the floor then walked around like this was normal.”


Honestly, that’s just being resourceful and determined.

65. “I bought a mini toy laptop for my dog. So he can at least look like he’s helping support this family.”


They also share the same brand loyalty.

66. “Pup does an awoo”

via Reddit

Very self-explanatory caption right there.

67. “My dog has loose lips that get stuck on his gums after he yawns”


This dog has a permanent “reading the news” face.

68. “My lil pup was sad in her cone after surgery, so my mom spiced it up a lil”


What a beautiful, recovering flower!

69. “My girlfriend was out of town so my dog and I finally had the dinner we’re always putting off”


They probably made so many inside jokes without her.

70. “Looks like my dog is trying to hit on someone at a bar”


I’d let him buy me a drink.

71. “This pic I took of my dog looks like a crime scene photo”


Time of shave: 12:04pm.

72. “I asked to be seated next to the cutest guy on the plane”


Why have I never thought about doing this?

73. “My dog enjoying the new painting we brought home. He’s been staring for the past 5 minutes.”


This dog appreciates the finer things.

74. “Tweeting while my baby bites my phone”


…And while a third person takes a picture of that happening.

75. “Rhinodoggo”


They say rhinos are dangerous, but no one has commented on the threat of Rhinodog.

We compiled even more lol-worthy pics than this. Continue on to Part 4 here!

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