5 Ways Itch Balm Helps Senior Dogs Cope With Skin Problems

Senior dogs often struggle with dry, itchy skin. In addition to external agents like insects and allergens, aging skin loses moisture and elasticity, leaving it vulnerable to dryness and inflammation. If your older pooch struggles with rashes, scars, or other minor skin irritations, Nature’s Butter™ Allergy & Itch Balm with Neem Oil could provide the soothing relief she needs.

Neem Oil is rich in vitamins, minerals and omega fatty acids, and has long been used by humans as an insect repellant, skin soother, and anti-inflammatory. Luckily for our pets, it is also safe for topical use and offers many of the same benefits.

When used in conjunction with the pet-safe essential oils in Nature’s Butter Allergy & Itch Balm, neem oil helps treat and sooth the following conditions in senior dogs:

1. Minor Scratches & Scabs

As a result of chronic scratching and chewing, many dogs develop self-inflicted abrasions that become tight and flaky as they heal.  Nature’s Butter Allergy & Itch Balm helps senior dogs cope with allergies, seasonal dryness, and skin disorders that cause itching. Just a small amount of itch balm softens scabs and results in faster healing.

2. Scars

Neem oil is rich in vitamin E and omega fatty acids which help smooth and soften scar tissue. Its anti-inflammatory properties also help reduce the appearance of raised, discolored scars. In addition to its neem oil content, itch balm helps senior dogs heal their scars with smoothing and softening ingredients like shea butter, almond oil, coconut oil, beeswax, and cocoa seed butter.

3. Rashes

Aging canines are not only more prone to irritating rashes, their skin is also less equipped to heal itself. Nature’s Butter Allergy & Itch Balm helps senior dogs with rash-prone skin by reducing inflammation. Moreover, neem oil treats a variety of rashes with its antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial properties.

4. Crusty Ear Edges

Fly bites, mange, and contact dermatitis can cause hairloss and crusting of the ear edges in dogs. As a result, the skin often remains inflamed even after the initial cause has resolved. Applying itch balm helps senior dogs by softening the crusts, reducing the inflammation, and stimulating hair regrowth.

5. Insect Bites

The neem oil in itch balm helps senior dogs by deterring biting insects like fleas and mosquitoes. In fact, neem doesn’t just repel pests, it kills them. Although not recommended as a substitute for veterinary-recommended parasite preventatives, neem oil serves as a natural repellant.

Neem oil, coupled with the other soothing ingredients in Nature’s Butter Allergy & Itch Balm can also reduce the itch and inflammation of any pesky bites your pooch may suffer.

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