5 Stylish Home Decor Items To Make Life Easier For Senior Dogs

Senior dogs often find it increasingly difficult to navigate stairs, slippery floors, and high furniture. In addition to these potential hazards, basic routines like eating and napping may put strain on aging joints. Luckily, keeping your senior dog comfortable and secure is as simple as updating your decor. The following products not only ensure your home is a safe haven for your older pooch, they also enhance your style! 1. Anti-Skid Rugs When shopping for senior dog decor, anti-skid rugs … Read more

5 Ways Itch Balm Helps Senior Dogs Cope With Skin Problems

Senior dogs often struggle with dry, itchy skin. In addition to external agents like insects and allergens, aging skin loses moisture and elasticity, leaving it vulnerable to dryness and inflammation. If your older pooch struggles with rashes, scars, or other minor skin irritations, Nature’s Butter™ Allergy & Itch Balm with Neem Oil could provide the soothing relief she needs. Neem Oil is rich in vitamins, minerals and omega fatty acids, and has long been used by humans as an insect repellant, … Read more

Senior Bulldog Gets His Own Personal Stairlift

The invention of the stairlift changed the lives of many people. Primarily, elderly people with conditions that make walking or exercising difficult have benefitted from the stairlift, but dogs also suffer many of the same physical issues as they get older. That’s why a senior Bulldog named Hank got a stairlift of his own. Hank’s person Brandon Raper posted a YouTube video of Hank riding his personalized elevator chair down the stairs of their home. At the time, he estimated … Read more

10 Things We Should Do For Our Dogs That They Can’t Do For Themselves

Dogs can learn to perform incredible tasks. Some safeguard our very lives by detecting explosives or alerting us to dangers in the home. But there are certain things our pups just cannot do without our help. When it comes to health and safety, they depend on us to make the best decisions on their behalf. Every pawrent should do the following 10 things for their dogs’ wellbeing because they do so much for us! 1. Watch their waistlines. Dogs cannot … Read more

Want To Show Your Pup Just How Loved They Are? Get Them Cozy PACK&DEN Gifts From Santa!

Your dog has been hinting at what he asked Santa for this year – did you catch it? We’ll give you a hint: On the night before Christmas, when you rest your head, will you sleep soundly, if your dog hates his bed? We may not be poets, but we know dogs. And we know that a good night’s rest on the night before Christmas or any other night is essential to the health, happiness, and well-being of your pup! … Read more

Why Your Senior Dog Needs One Of These Weird Looking Mats!

What do weird looking mats have to do with your senior dog? As your sweet pup ages, you may find that you both have a lot more time on your hands. Walkies get shorter and chew toys will tire out sensitive teeth faster. But we won’t let the good times end without a fight. Just because your dog is older, it doesn’t mean he has to settle for sitting around watching the grass grow all day. Your days together may … Read more

6 Ways An Orthopedic Bed Can Help Your Senior Dog

According to the National Sleep Foundation, dogs spend 50% of their day sleeping, 30% lounging around, and just 20% being active. As they enter their senior years, they require even more rest to be at their best. With so much time spent lying down, a sturdy, supportive bed is essential for reducing pain and ensuring optimal sleep. In addition to comfort and durability, high-quality orthopedic beds offer the following 6 benefits for aging pups: 1. They allow senior dogs to sleep more … Read more

5 Things People Should Give Their Senior Dogs To Make Them Happier And Healthier

Aging is difficult, whether you’re human or canine. Luckily, we live in a day and age where there are plenty of products to help our furry kids feel better as they age. At what age is a dog considered “senior,” anyway? It depends on your dog’s size and breed. On average, dogs are considered seniors at 7. Giant breed dogs are considered seniors at the age of 6. Toy breeds may not be considered senior until they reach 10 years old. … Read more

7 Must-Have Items For Your Senior Dog

As our dogs age, they require a little extra comfort and care – and after everything they do for us, they definitely deserve it! Help your senior pooch stay safe, happy and healthy with these 7 must-have items. 1. A Supportive Bed Older dogs spend up to 18 hours a day sleeping and most of their waking hours lounging, so a high-quality orthopedic bed may be the most important product you can provide. Memory foam beds are great for seniors … Read more

How To Take Care Of Your Senior Dog’s Teeth

Did you know that 80% of dogs will have some form of periodontal (gum) disease by the age of 2? That number certainly won’t improve as your dog ages. Dogs are five times more likely than humans to develop gum disease, and that can lead to a whole host of problems. Your senior dog isn’t just at risk of developing problems like mouth abscesses, tooth loss, and even a fractured jaw, but they are also at risk of developing heart, … Read more

The Top 5 Issues Affecting Senior Dogs According To Our Survey & What Owners Can Do

Earlier this month, we shared a poll on our iHeartSeniorDogs Facebook page to identify the most common health problems facing older dogs. Five ailments stood out overwhelmingly above the rest: joint pain, hearing loss, skin allergies, vision loss, and dental problems. It’s heartbreaking to see your best friends suffer, so read on to find out how you can improve their quality of life when it comes to these issues! 1. Joint Pain/Arthritis More than 1,000 responders noted that their senior … Read more

5 Tips For Easing Your Senior Dog’s Allergies

The tell-tale signs of allergies usually become apparent before a dog’s senior years, but it is not unheard of for itching, redness, and inflamed skin to develop later in life. Those that already struggle with allergic skin may also begin to experience more flare-ups as their bodies weaken with age. It’s never too late for allergies to appear – and luckily, it’s never too late to get them under control! If your senior dog is suffering from dry, itchy, irritated … Read more

10 Ways To Help Your Senior Dog Feel Like A Puppy Again

Getting older can be ruff! Natural aging changes like achy joints, dental disease, and an increased risk of certain illnesses often plague our beloved senior pooches. But just because they are a little slower, calmer, and wiser than they once were doesn’t mean that older dogs can’t recapture their puppyhood! Note: If you aren’t sure whether your pooch has reached his twilight years yet, consider this: small and toy breed dogs live to be about 15 to 20 years old, while … Read more

Have You Noticed Your Dog Is Slower To Rise? Try Giving This Daily

Is your dog less active or having trouble with everyday activities like rising after sleeping, climbing stairs, and hopping in and out of the car? Pain caused by the degeneration of joint tissue is very common in older dogs. While pharmaceutical drugs offer relief, they also carry the risk of serious side effects leading many vets and pet parents to seek out natural supplements like Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM. Cartilage – the moist, spongy tissue that cushions the joints – … Read more

3 Vet-Recommended Supplements For Senior Dogs

Although dietary supplements can be beneficial at any stage of life, many people don’t start thinking about giving them to their pets until they reach their senior years. This is the time when we are reminded of their mortality as we notice signs of arthritis and that telltale gray muzzle. With so many products on the market making different promises, it’s hard to know which ones are safe, let alone helpful for your senior pooch. Dr. Marty Becker has been … Read more

Ask A Groomer: How Should Grooming Change As My Dog Ages?

As our dogs age, they can develop many health issues that can impact the grooming process. What changes should you consider making for older dogs to have the best grooming experience? 1. Shorter grooming appointments. Arthritis is a common problem in older dogs. Whether it’s standing for the duration of the grooming or lying in an uncomfortable kennel for several hours, long grooming appointments can be painful for our older friends. Ask the groomer if your dog would benefit from … Read more

Senior Rescue Covers Vet Bills For Life So Old Dogs Can Experience Loving Homes

It’s no secret that older dogs have a difficult time getting adopted. Many people are concerned that they will not be able to handle the veterinary costs necessary to keep a senior pooch healthy. While this is certainly a valid apprehension, Old Dog Haven – a Seattle rescue group – has found a way to alleviate this problem. They pay 100% of the veterinary bills for the life of each adopted dog. As incredible as it sounds, the group run by … Read more

Bone Broth for Dogs: This “Soul Food” Is Perfect For Nourishing Sick Or Senior Pups

Everybody has a certain go-to comfort food that soothes them when they are ill. When dogs lose their appetite due to age or illness, they, too need a nutrient-packed solution to help them regain their strength. Whether getting over a bout of gastrointestinal upset, recovering from surgery, or just reaching an age where appetite is waning, bone broth can ensure that your dog gets all the essential nutrients he or she needs. Veterinarians often recommend fasting a dog that is … Read more

Ask A Vet: What Happens When A Dog Ages?

Aging is a normal process and is not a disease, but there are some common and predictable changes that occur as your dog ages. Knowledge is power and being aware of these changes allows you to make accommodations to keep your dog’s life easy and happy. 1.Cognitive dysfunction (Brain Aging) The brain ages too and with that progression comes some slowing down of the mental processes. Some dogs are not severely affected, but every dog has some degree of cognitive … Read more