5 Stylish Home Decor Items To Make Life Easier For Senior Dogs

Senior dogs often find it increasingly difficult to navigate stairs, slippery floors, and high furniture. In addition to these potential hazards, basic routines like eating and napping may put strain on aging joints.

Luckily, keeping your senior dog comfortable and secure is as simple as updating your decor. The following products not only ensure your home is a safe haven for your older pooch, they also enhance your style!

1. Anti-Skid Rugs

When shopping for senior dog decor, anti-skid rugs are essential for owners with hard flooring in their homes. According to scientific studies, up to 90% of older dogs have osteoarthritis in at least one joint.

Painful joints and muscle wasting make traversing hard floors all the more treacherous for seniors. Anti-skid area rugs and runners decrease the risk of slips and falls while providing older dogs with renewed confidence in their mobility.

While you have several stylish options when it comes to floor decor, a company called Ruggable has created an innovative product just for pet parents. Their gorgeous area rugs and runners consist of anti-skid pads and your choice of dozens of toppers. The toppers are waterproof and peal away easily. In case of an accident, simply toss it into the washing machine and replace when clean!

Tip: For dog parents on a budget, try using yoga mats instead of carpet runners. The grippy material has the same anti-skid effect at a much lower cost!

2. Pet Safety Gates

In addition to arthritis and mobility issues, senior dogs often face vision loss and cognitive dysfunction. Some older pups even begin pacing, putting them at risk around steps and other dangerous areas of the home. To protect them from harm, risky rooms and staircases should be cordoned off.

When you think of safety gates you probably picture the cheap plastic models designed for babies. Luckily there are several stylish designs – like this Scrolled Wooden Gate from Etna – that actually enhance your senior dog decor.

Pet safety gates are available in several colors, materials and styles. Some models even come with walk-through gates to allow smaller dogs and cats to pass.

3. Elevated Feeding Stations

Another important piece of senior dog decor is an elevated feeding station. Older dogs are at an increased risk for slipped disks and pinched nerves in the neck. Raising their food and water bowls up a few inches decreases the angle at which they must bend their neck to eat.

Many stylish pieces on the market blend seamlessly with your other furniture while also providing extra storage for food, treats, leashes, toys and medications.

Note: Depending on your dog’s breed and risk for bloat, your veterinarian may or may not recommend a raised feeding station. Seek his or her advice before switching your dog’s food bowls.

4. Doggy Steps & Booster Benches

Photo via Wayfair.com

Many well meaning dog parents invest in cheaply made doggy steps when their smaller senior dogs have trouble getting on the bed. Plywood ramps and steps may work, but they take up lots of space and do nothing for your design scheme. Opt for a more stylish and much sturdier hardwood set. They come in a variety of woods and finishes to compliment any decor.

Photo via Wayfair.com

If your dog has healthy joints, but simply cannot reach your high bed, consider a more sophisticated end-of-bed bench. Your little senior can hop up before easily stepping onto the mattress! Best of all, this senior dog decor item comes in limitless style options.

5. Cozy Blankets

For pups that insist on sharing your sofa, Give Warmth™ throw blankets offer warm, luxurious comfort. These blankets not only enrich your decor, they also protect your furniture from pet wear and tear. Perhaps the best part of purchasing a Give Warmth™ blanket is knowing that for every one sold, a cozy fleece blanket is donated to a shelter dog in need!

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