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6-Year-Old Girl Charms A Runaway Dog Who Evaded Rescuers For Months

Little Meghan Topping is no ordinary 6-year-old. In the past year alone, Meghan has helped her mother foster, train and rehab more than 75 stray and feral dogs in need of a second chance.

One of those dogs was Daisy. Adopted from a California shelter, the Shepherd-mix had escaped her new owners’ yard after just 2 days. She had been on the run for months when Meghan was called in to help.


Image Credit: NBC Bay Area News


Shelter staff, good Samaritans and followers of the Facebook page, Hollister Animal Lost & Found (H.A.L.F) had been trying in vain to bring Daisy back in from the cold since October. Animal rescue expert, Deanna Barth explained to NBC Bay Area News that Daisy had essentially reverted to a wild state.

“She was in fight or flight mode. All the typical things like cage traps and baiting with smelly foods were not working. Our only way to earn her trust was to get someone she might remember.”

Image Credit: NBC Bay Area News


That’s when Barth learned about Meghan and her mother, Karen. Apparently, Meghan and Daisy had shared a remarkable bond during their time together. If anyone could bring Daisy back to safety, it was Meghan.

Image Credit: NBC Bay Area News


Towards the end of December Karen and Meghan drove out to Hollister where they soon spotted the skittish dog in an empty field. Meghan says that Daisy told her what to do next.

“She told me. Because you can talk to dogs in your brain,” Meghan told NBC. “She told me if Mom stayed in the truck she would come to me and I believed it.”

Image Credit: NBC Bay Area News


With Karen filming, Meghan climbed out of the truck, sat down in the field and waited for Daisy to make the first move. Soon Daisy began to cautiously close the gap between them, wagging her tail as she recognized her former foster sister.

Image Credit: NBC Bay Area News


After a heartwarming reunion, Meghan was able to snap a leash on Daisy and lead her to the truck where her astonished and incredibly proud mother waited.

“I was just amazed,” Karen Topping said.

“It’s hard to watch that video and not cry,” Added Barth.

“I was just thinking whatever was meant to be was meant to be,” Meghan said. “And that was meant to be.”

Image Credit: NBC Bay Area News

Although Meghan believes she was meant to rescue Daisy, she also knows that adopting the dog would mean she and her mother could not help as many others. Daisy has now found a new adoptive family that is a better fit for her. Meghan plans to visit her frequently and continue to foster dogs in need.

Image Credit: NBC Bay Area News

Watch Daisy’s incredible rescue and reunion with Meghan below!


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Written by Dina Fantegrossi
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