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Shelters Need Your Help During The Coronavirus Pandemic

The spread of the coronavirus has made things difficult for countless people. Sadly, animals also suffer during a widespread pandemic. People stop visiting shelters as they must practice social distancing and stay home. Adoption events have been canceled. But animals still get admitted to shelters as usual. Nationwide, animal shelters risk overcrowding, which can obviously have negative results. During a pandemic, owner surrenders go up. Potential illness and quarantine measures could lead to staff shortages as well. Eric Rayvid, a … Read more

Foster Dog Raises Two Needy Kittens With Her Own Litter

The biological drive for a mother to nurture can be remarkably strong. Even stronger is the need for newborns to find a protector. These powerful natural forces led to the world’s cutest miracle in Evansville, Indiana this winter. A woman called It Takes A Village No-Kill Rescue in January hoping to hand off Sudie, a 5-year-old Chihuahua/Dachshund mix. She had gotten Sudie from a neighbor, not knowing the dog was pregnant. Tessa McCauley, an officer manager for ITV, gladly took the … Read more

Woman Spends Valentine’s Week In Kennel With Longterm Resident Pup

The week leading up to Valentine’s Day can be a difficult time to be alone. But any time at all living alone in a small kennel in an animal shelter can be difficult for homeless dogs. Especially when that dog has lived in that kennel for a long time. Tessa, a Pit Bull at Pima Animal Care And Control in Arizona, is a longterm resident there. One shelter worker knew that was through no fault of the dog’s own. That person … Read more

Malnourished “Christmas Miracle” Dog Given Foster Home For The Holidays

The winter months are always extremely busy times for animal rescues and shelters everywhere. Tragically, there are often more pups left out in the cold than there are places for them in the shelters. The kind hearts of generous foster families are what give starving and cold strays the second chances they desperately need. That’s how one poor malnourished stray pup, now named Joseph, got off the streets in time for the holidays. Noah’s Ark Rescue Project And Shelter (NARPS) … Read more

This Terminally Ill Pup Is Looking For A Family To Fill Her Final Days With Love

Foster and adoption aren’t the only ways to help a homeless dog in need. When you become a “fospice” (foster + hospice) parent to a terminally ill pet, you selflessly provide them with the love, care and comfort they so richly deserve in their final days. Akira is a sweet pooch in search of a fospice home to call her own.   She arrived at LifeLine Animal Project‘s DeKalb County Animal Services shelter in Atlanta, Georgia last June, and has … Read more

Special Needs Puppy Passes Miraculous Milestones, Thanks To Her Cat-Rescuing Foster Mom

On November 28, a very special puppy celebrated the latest in a series of extraordinary milestones. Her name is Sasha, and on that joyous day, she celebrated her 12 week birthday. For most puppies, turning three months old is a given, something taken for granted. But for Sasha – who was born with hydrocephalus, a cleft lip and cleft palate – each day is a gift.   From her very first day on earth, Sasha has been in the capable … Read more

Maternal Rescue Dog Welcomes Kitten Into Her Litter Of Foster Puppies

Pirate was rescued with two of her own puppies from a Michigan hoarder in June of last year. After she had weaned her own babies, she spontaneously started producing milk for the foster puppies her mom brought home from the Dallas Animal Services and Adoption Center, where she serves as a public information coordinator. Since then, Pirate has nursed more than 9 puppies – and now she’s added a kitten to her current crop of foster pups! Pirate’s owner, Gabi Vannini, … Read more

Groomer Opens Shop At Midnight To Care For Severely Matted Stray

Dog groomer Kari Falla knows just how much suffering a severely matted dog experiences, so when she saw photos of a desperate stray on a Facebook page for lost pets, she immediately volunteered to help. A woman had discovered the dog on the side of the road and saved him from being hit by a car. Although it was midnight, Falla opened up her Oviedo, Florida shop, BGE Grooming to tend to the neglected pup. Rather than placing him in … Read more

Man Drives 2,800 Miles To Adopt A Disabled Puppy Mill Survivor

Before Jim Havlinek saw Nubz on Facebook, he was a perfectly content dog-dad of two. But there was something about the rescue pup, who lost his rear paws in a Missouri puppy mill, that he simply could not get out of his mind. A video of Nubz bravely conquering his physical therapy inspired him to fill out an adoption application. Havlinek was approved, so he hopped in his RV and made the 2,800 mile voyage from Oregon to Pennsylvania to … Read more

Foster Dog’s ‘Resume’ Will Certainly Land Her The Perfect Role With A Family

According to Mowgli’s resume she is 75% German Shepherd, 25% Rwandan Street Dog, and 100% Loveable! The four-year-old California pooch is in search of a new long-term position as a foster pup. Her reason for leaving her previous “job”? Her “current foster mom is becoming a pilot and has to move!” In order to help Mowgli get a leg up on the competition, a friend compiled her many qualifications into a concise, but thorough professional resume.   Megan Frantz, a … Read more

Shelter Puppy With Unusually Large Head Sparks DNA Debate

When a litter of four stray puppies arrived at the Humane Society of Silicon Valley (HSSV) in June, the staff instantly noticed that one of the pups was not like the others. While his three littermates bore the characteristics of mini Border Collie mixes, the pooch they named “Bighead” had short, chubby legs like a Basset Hound – and, you guessed it, a very big head! Lauren Gallagher works in the HSSV finance department and has fostered countless dogs for … Read more

Family Throws “Bye Bye Party” To Celebrate Dying Foster Dog’s Life

Sometimes a story comes along that is equal parts sweetness and heartbreak. Peanut’s tale is one of tragedy, loss, redemption, and the transformative power of human kindness. The 10-year-old Jack Russell Terrier mix recently found herself back at Save-A-Pet, the Illinois shelter she was adopted from two years ago. Her adopter passed away and a relative took Peanut in, but was not able to provide adequate care.   Peanut returned to Save-A-Pet with severe dental disease, a potentially cancerous tumor … Read more

Thanks To You, Rescue Dogs Like Houdini Always Have Full Bellies

Part of each sale through the iHeartDogs store is donated to Greater Good, which helps support various charities. Thanks to customers like you, happy endings, like the one below, are made possible.  Rescue Bank is an organization that redistributes donated pet food to rescue groups, shelters and fosters in need. They are one of Greater Good’s vitally important charities. It can be difficult to visualize just how much of an impact a charity like this truly makes. That’s why we love it when our partners share … Read more

Witness The Heartfelt Moment When An Abandoned Dog Realizes She’s Saved

Judy Obregon, the founder of The Abandoned Ones Animal Rescue, knows that she cannot save every dog in Fort Worth, but as she told The Dallas Morning News, “trying won’t hurt.” What does hurt is her heart every time she discovers yet another abandoned, abused, neglected or forgotten animal like the sweet little pup in the upcoming videos.   Fort Worth’s Echo Lake Park has a long history as a tucked-away spot to illegally abandon dead, dying, and unwanted dogs. … Read more

Shelter’s Desperate Facebook Plea Leads To 120 Dogs Finding Homes Or Foster Care

On February 22, Animal Care & Protective Services of Jacksonville, FL posted a desperate plea to their Facebook page. Animal Control officers were in the process of rescuing an estimated 50 – 60 dogs from a single home and the shelter was already at capacity. In less than one week’s time, their call for help was answered – more than 120 dogs found placements! Adopters, foster paw-rents and rescue groups far and wide responded to ACPS’s cry for help, allowing them … Read more

Ailing Senior Dog Needs Our Help To Get Well & Find A New Home

A tiny long-haired Chihuahua named Bella was surrendered into the care of The Pet Rescue Center in Laguna Beach, California and is in need of veterinary care if she is to find a new place to call home. Bella spent her entire 10 years in the care of one owner until her mom first became homeless, and then entered a mental health facility where Bella is not allowed. She was lucky enough to land in the capable and compassionate hands … Read more

Cat-Loving Boxer & Her Two Feline BFFs Team Up To Foster Kittens In Need

Suzie the Boxer loves kittens. In her 7 years of life, she has helped her mom, Kelly Hartman, foster dozens of the adorably helpless little furballs. After years of lovingly nurturing the cats just to say goodbye a short time later, Kelly found herself – and Suzi – especially attached to a special gray kitten by the name of Kushi. A photo posted by @suzie_and_kushi on Jan 1, 2017 at 1:45pm PST When Kushi first arrived he was suffering from … Read more

Rescue Dog Proudly Presents 11 Puppies To Foster Mom

Stevoni Doyle has been fostering dogs for over a decade, and has seen her fair share of triumphs and tragedies. But when Grayce gave birth to 11 puppies three weeks after coming into her care, the pup did something she’d never seen before! Grayce Pit Bull was fostered through Rescue Rovers Dog Adoptions in Utah. Formerly neglected, she was saved just weeks before giving birth. From the video below, it’s clear that the new mama feels safe in the loving care of Doyle. … Read more

UPDATE: Second Graders Raise $450 In One Day For A Rescue Dog’s Surgery

Update: The generous, dog-loving students in Miss Sharp’s second grade class got a major surprise this week when their favorite pooch, Ryker appeared in their classroom unannounced. The kids donated $450 of their own money in order to fund a much-needed surgery for the rescue pup back in January. Everyone had a chance to pet Ryker and get a picture with him. Posted by Helping Hands Humane Society on Friday, February 3, 2017   People Pets caught their adorable reactions on … Read more

6-Year-Old Girl Charms A Runaway Dog Who Evaded Rescuers For Months

Little Meghan Topping is no ordinary 6-year-old. In the past year alone, Meghan has helped her mother foster, train and rehab more than 75 stray and feral dogs in need of a second chance. One of those dogs was Daisy. Adopted from a California shelter, the Shepherd-mix had escaped her new owners’ yard after just 2 days. She had been on the run for months when Meghan was called in to help.     Shelter staff, good Samaritans and followers … Read more

Dog Left Behind With Owners’ Trash Huddles On Discarded Recliner For Warmth

It’s a heartbreaking story we’ve all heard far too many times. An innocent dog abandoned and forgotten on the cold city streets, waiting faithfully for owners who will never return. The pup, named Ollie-Loo by his rescuers, was discovered sitting on the curb amid the boxes and discarded furniture his owners left behind. He was curled up tightly on their old recliner, trying to keep warm.   It is not clear if Ollie’s former owners were evicted from their Detroit … Read more

Toddler & His Labradoodle Sidekick Are The Cutest BFFs On Instagram

Sandi and Eric Swiridoff are the proud parents of Reagan the Labradoodle and the doting foster-grandparents of Buddy the human toddler. Ever since 3-year-old Buddy came along, he and Reagan have been inseparable pals. Sandi knew that the pair’s heart-melting relationship was just too cute to keep to herself, so she decided to share it with the world via Instagram. Prepare yourselves for the adorableness of a boy and his pup in matching outfits. A photo posted by Reagandoodle (@reagandoodle) on … Read more

Neglected Dog Rescued & Freed From 35 Pounds Of Matted Fur

A neighbor reached out to Jessica Kincheloe and a fellow groomer to help a dog after its owner had fallen terminally ill. What they found was a Great Pyrenees trapped in a barn, filthy and covered with pounds of overgrown hair. According to The Dodo, they had to clear a mound of dirt and feces to open the door to free the poor dog. But a locked door wasn’t the only thing that the pup, renamed Lazarus, needed freeing from. The groomers went … Read more

DO NOT PUBLISH – When Ellen Learns They Rescued A Sick Dog, She Presents Them With A Special Gift!

A Raleigh, North Carolina teacher named Jen Marion and her fiancé Jim Raschella have a passion for rescuing animals, especially Pit Bulls. According to the Dodo, when Pearl was first taken to the shelter, she was emaciated and had infections. She had been depressed after miscarrying a litter, a void that was partially filled when she became a surrogate to a motherless litter that arrived at the shelter. But Pearl still needed a loving home, and  through Love Mutts Rescue, Raschella and Marion fostered her. … Read more

Dog Found Abandoned After Owners Moved The Month Before

Detroit rescue Home Fur-Ever got a tip about an abandoned, neglected older dog who was chained in a backyard. As it turns out, his owners had left him to die when they moved out–a month ago. Volunteers Mandi Deveja and Nei Schell went to rescue the poor pup on an 85-degree day and found him severely dehydrated, emaciated, and with a skin infection on his face. Amazingly, the dog greeted the volunteers with a wagging tail and friendly demeanor, despite how horribly he must … Read more

Watch This Heartwarming Video Of A Little Girl Singing Her Foster Dog To Sleep

Laila is a Pit Bull whose mom was deployed to the Middle East. Her mom, Petty Officer Second Class Baez, is in the navy and she’s going to be in the Middle East for a year. Baez made foster plans for Laila, but all of them fell through at the last minute. Concerned about what was going to happen to Laila, Baez contacted PACT For Animals and asked for help. PACT, which stands for People + Animals = Companions Together, … Read more

Gentle Giant Comforts Anxious Foster Dogs Until They Can Find Forever Homes

When we’re sad, when we’re lonely, and when we’re sick, we all need comfort from our loved ones. We want to know that someone is there caring for us and loving us. And it’s comforting to have someone by our side and someone to hug our troubles away. That’s one reason why we love our dogs so much. They are always there to comfort us and make us smile. And just like humans, other animals need comfort too, especially the … Read more

Woman Gives Everything Of Herself So Motherless Puppy Can Live

When a young female dog had puppies before she was mature enough to have developed maternal instincts, she rejected her litter of five. Three of them died within three days, and the only two survivors were close to the end when animal foster Candice Miller stepped in to care for them. She was going to try her best to give the two sickly puppies a chance at life, but she didn’t know what to expect. Unfortunately, one of the puppies–a male–passed away on the car ride to Candice’s home. Things … Read more

Recovering Rescue Dog Has Something To Smile About

Herbert the rescue pup is recovering from the dog flu in a lovely foster home, and that gives him something to smile about. This optimistic sweetheart is a five-month-old American Staffordshire mix, who poses like a pro for the camera. Having been rescued from a city shelter by PAWS Chicago–whose slogan is “Building No Kill Communities!”–no wonder this positive pooch can’t help but smile! In an article by ABC7 News, PAWS Chicago spokesperson Sarah McDonald said that it was evident Herbert was not cared for … Read more

Senior Dog Is Devastated When She Is Dumped For Younger Dog

On December 30th, Cookie arrived at the San Bernardino City Shelter with her beloved family, which included a young canine companion, then watched from behind kennel bars as they walked out without her. Confused and lonely, the senior Cocker spaniel whimpered for the comfort of her loved ones, but they did not return. “Cookie is crying for her buddy and her family. She watched as the family drove away with her buddy and left her to die,” writes a volunteer who must have been heartbroken from … Read more