Dog Left Behind With Owners’ Trash Huddles On Discarded Recliner For Warmth

It’s a heartbreaking story we’ve all heard far too many times. An innocent dog abandoned and forgotten on the cold city streets, waiting faithfully for owners who will never return.

The pup, named Ollie-Loo by his rescuers, was discovered sitting on the curb amid the boxes and discarded furniture his owners left behind. He was curled up tightly on their old recliner, trying to keep warm.

Image Credit: Detroit Animal Welfare Group


It is not clear if Ollie’s former owners were evicted from their Detroit home or if they moved out willingly. A neighbor reported that they returned once after initially abandoning the young Pit Bull mix in order to retrieve a smaller pup. They once again left poor Ollie behind.

Terri Looby, a volunteer with the Detroit Animal Welfare Group (DAWG) had gotten a tip about yet another dog in need and was spending her lunch break searching the neighborhood when she spotted Ollie. He was huddled against the broken-down recliner seeking out any warmth he could find against the snow and freezing air.

Looby told News 13:

“He was all curled up as tight as he could get. I got out of the car, he lifted his head, I started going over towards him and I saw the tail wagging. I used baby talk, I said ‘come on buddy, you’re OK.’ He came towards me and just started licking my face.”

The same neighbor who saw the owners return for their smaller dog also reported that Ollie had been waiting on that curb for at least a week in the frigid Detroit weather. Judging by his emaciated condition and the broken femur discovered during his veterinary exam, it is clear that he had been neglected for quite some time.

Almost immediately after his story broke, people began calling and posting messages to Facebook in support of Ollie. He was taken into a loving foster home where he has two Pug fur-friends and a teenage sister to dote on him. According to his foster mom, he doesn’t realize how big he is and loves to cram himself into the Pugs’ tiny beds!

A You Caring page was created to help fund the necessary surgery and after care that Ollie will need to repair his broken femur. The results were again overwhelming, with donations far exceeding the $2,500 goal.

Everyone at DAWG is incredibly grateful for the love, support and offers to adopt they have received on Ollie’s behalf. They would like to remind everyone that even though only one person can give Ollie a forever home, there are many more dogs and cats with equally tragic back stories searching for their happy endings, too.


Ollie has officially been adopted! Congratulations to this happy pup and his new family!

H/T to News 13

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