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Gentle Giant Comforts Anxious Foster Dogs Until They Can Find Forever Homes

When we’re sad, when we’re lonely, and when we’re sick, we all need comfort from our loved ones. We want to know that someone is there caring for us and loving us. And it’s comforting to have someone by our side and someone to hug our troubles away. That’s one reason why we love our dogs so much. They are always there to comfort us and make us smile.

And just like humans, other animals need comfort too, especially the ones who are at the shelter feeling scared and vulnerable. And one very special dog is helping scared shelter animals by comforting them through hugs and cuddles.

His name is Charlie.

Charlie is a Catahoula mix. A Catahoula is a naturally large dog. But Charlie was also 35 pounds overweight when his family surrendered him to the shelter. But the people at the Dumb Friends League knew Charlie was special and they were determined to find a foster home for Charlie despite him being out of shape. The shelter staff even thought he was having seizures because Charlie was panting so hard after his first walk.

Thankfully a loving couple opened their hearts and their home to Charlie. Alaina Bupp and her husband fostered Charlie. They also promised to watch out to see if Charlie really was having seizures.

With the couple’s love and care, Charlie got back to his healthy shape. And he didn’t have any more of his so-called seizures.

Alaina Bupp told The Dodo. “There was something about Charlie. We both wanted to keep him. We both decided he was a permanent member of our family.”

After making Charlie a permanent member of their family, the couple once again opened their doors to a new foster dog–a Chihuahua. The poor little thing was underweight and he was cold all the time. Thankfully, Charlie was there to cuddle with him and keep him warm.

Alaina realized that Charlie was great at comforting the smaller dogs. He gave them warmth and love that eased them and made them feel safe. So as more foster dogs arrived, Charlie was always there to comfort them.

Alaina says that Charlie’s comforting hugs have made the small dogs feel safe and more confident. They arrive scared and anxious, but Charlie calms them. Over the three years that Charlie has been with the Bupps, he has comforted and cuddled with 13 dogs.

When the dogs let go of their anxiety, and when they’re more confident, they have a bigger chance of finding a forever home. So in his own way, Charlie has helped these dogs find loving, forever homes!

It might seem like a small thing to some, but we know it’s a big help.

Visit The Dodo for more about Charlie’s story!

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