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Ailing Senior Dog Needs Our Help To Get Well & Find A New Home

A tiny long-haired Chihuahua named Bella was surrendered into the care of The Pet Rescue Center in Laguna Beach, California and is in need of veterinary care if she is to find a new place to call home.

Bella spent her entire 10 years in the care of one owner until her mom first became homeless, and then entered a mental health facility where Bella is not allowed.

She was lucky enough to land in the capable and compassionate hands of The Pet Rescue Center, but her troubles were just beginning. Upon her arrival, it became clear that the 4-pound senior is in need of some serious medical care. She has grade IV bilateral luxating patellas – commonly known as “trick knees” – and desperately requires a dental cleaning with lots of extractions.

Both of Bella’s kneecaps drift so severely that they hardly spend any time in place at all. She has the worst possible level of the condition complete with pain, arthritis, trouble climbing stairs, and degenerative joint disease.

In order to improve her quality of life she will need to undergo two separate surgeries to repair the knees one at a time. Her dental procedure will also have to be performed separately from her knee surgeries in order to prevent cross-contaminating the bacteria and infection in her mouth with the surgery sites.

Despite her ailments, little Bella is a happy, appreciative dog who loves to snuggle. She has survived living on the streets and the loss of the only owner she’s ever known. Now this sweet little gal needs our help to reach the next phase of her life – a new, loving home.

A YouCaring page has been created to help raise money for her veterinary care. Bella is also in search of a peaceful foster home where she can recover from her procedures before going up for adoption. Foster parents get first dibs on adopting their canine guests, so if you think you couldn’t bear to let her go – don’t worry! You won’t have to!

If you live in the Laguna Beach area and are interested in fostering Bella, contact Kati Winters at And please consider making a tax-deductible donation to this special girl’s care – every little bit counts!

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Written by Dina Fantegrossi
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