Yorkie Taken From Elderly Woman’s Porch Is Returned Safe & Sound

Stolen Yorkie Reunited

When a dog is lost, every day is a struggle. You can’t help but wonder when they’ll return, if they ever do. 71-year-old Dianne Ramsey was only apart from her beloved Yorkie for four days, but it felt like a lifetime. Sasha the 15-year-old Yorkie was stolen off Ramsey’s porch in New Orleans. Ramsey, who is a vascular dementia patient, was crushed when she found out. But as it turns out, the “thief” might not have been the villain they … Read more

Veterinarian Welcomes Stolen Yorkie Home After 13 Long Years

13 years ago, a teen and his mom witnessed something they’d never forget. Their Yorkie named Connor was in their front yard when a red pickup truck pulled up and snatched the pup as they watched. The teenager yelled for the truck to stop, but the vehicle drove off with Connor inside. Karen Fox and her son hopped in their car and sped after the truck. But despite their best efforts, they lost sight of the truck, and Connor was … Read more

15-Year-Old “Southern Gentleman” Needs Some Luck On His Side

Swampy featured

Swampy the bully mix is all dressed up for Saint Patrick’s Day, but with nowhere to go. At 15-years-old, finding a forever home is hard. Poor Swampy already lost two loving families through no fault of his own, and now he’s down on his luck. But maybe the luck of the Irish will finally be on his side. The St. Tammany Parish Animal Shelter in Louisiana is working hard to find a forever home for Swampy. They describe him as … Read more

Dan Smyers of Dan + Shay Adopts Emaciated Senior Chihuahua

Dan Smyers and Senior Chihuahua

Dan Smyers of pop duo Dan + Shay is a huge animal advocate. His Instagram bio even says, “I sing songs + save dogs.” So, when he decided to take in a tiny foster dog in addition to his four other rescue dogs, fans weren’t surprised, but they were still overjoyed. Dan and his wife Abby just can’t rest until they help as many dogs as possible. Missy the 16-year-old Chihuahua only weighs two pounds, and she has a lot … Read more

3 Things That Can Help Your Senior Dog Avoid Dementia

Did you know that cognitive dysfunction syndrome, also called dog dementia, affects a large percentage of our fur children? More than a quarter (28%) of all dogs between the ages of 11 and 12 show at least one symptom of cognitive impairment. By the time a dog reaches 15, more than two-thirds (68%) of all dogs show at least one symptom and more than a third (35%) display at least 2 symptoms of cognitive decline. Luckily, there are some things you … Read more

Kelly Ripa’s Shih Tzu Chewie Turns “91 Human Years Young”

If you’ve got any party hats, put ’em on now. Kelly Ripa’s Shih Tzu Chewie just celebrated a birthday! It seems like she’s turning “13” again (come on, it’s rude to ask a woman’s age.) The talk show host shared a tribute to the sweet girl on Instagram along with photos from her years with the family. Kelly and her husband Mark Consuelos of 20 years also have three human children: Michael, Lola, and Joaquin. Fans of Ripa have surely … Read more

No One Will Adopt This “Different” Looking Senior Dog

You’d think dogs would be exempt from unfair standards of beauty, but tragically that’s not always the case. Dogs with unconventional appearances or physical disabilities often end up staying longer in shelters. They rarely get the chance to prove their hearts and devotion after quick first-impressions. 10-year-old Pit Bull Wally has now lived at Islip Animal Shelter in New York for over a year. He arrived there as a stray last January with a severe skin infection and blind in one eye. … Read more

Dog With Skin Cancer Needs YOUR Help To Complete His Bucket List!

This past weekend, a very special dog named Marley marched out the front door of Michiana Humane Society to begin a new life with his adopters. Staff members wept tears of joy, played kazoos, and waved handmade signs as he passed by.  Marley’s Gotcha Day was extra special because it came just days after he was diagnosed with terminal skin cancer. According to his vet, he only has about six months to live. His friends at the shelter knew finding … Read more

Comedy Legends Including Carol Burnett And Bob Newhart Film PSA Tribute To Senior Dogs

As human beings, most of us have a natural fear of getting older. Life’s physical changes can be hard, no matter how long we’ve been expecting them. Comedy legends Carol Burnett, Bob Newhart, Lily Tomlin, and Carl Reiner are well into their 80s and 90s now. But as they all agree in a new PSA for The Grey Muzzle Organization, that’s really not so bad. The Grey Muzzle Organization has provided nearly $2 million in grants to 190 different senior … Read more

Senior Dog Adopted Then Abandoned Tied To A Rail 48 Hours Later

At 11-years-old, Max was dropped off at The Animal Care and Control Team of Philadelphia (ACCT Philly) when his family moved away. It seemed like the pup was getting a second chance to live out his golden years in a loving home when he was adopted again. But just 48 hours later, the neighbor of a volunteer discovered him tied to a rail in the cold, abandoned. That volunteer, Monica S. da Costa, was both heartbroken and repulsed by Max’s abandonment, … Read more

18-Year-Old Rescue Dog Stays Alive To Meet His New Human Baby Sister

Few people hoping to adopt a dog from a shelter are there looking for older dogs. It’s devastating how these adoptable dogs’ ages can work against them like this. Senior dogs can make for the most wonderful life experiences, no matter how old they are when they come into yours. If you’re not sure, the story of Beth and Michael Clark and the dog they rescued at 17-years-old will undoubtedly convince you. In December of 2015, the couple visited Friends … Read more

Senior Rescue Dog Picks Out The Perfect Toy To Make Her Feel Safe

As former children, surely all humans can relate to the feeling of holding on to a stuffed animal or beloved toy for support during stressful times. It’s comforting to have a best friend that goes everywhere with you. It turns out dogs use this same strategy too. Nicole Marie Wasieleski is a volunteer with the Animal Rescue League of Iowa and already the proud mama to two rescue dogs. She really didn’t plan on adopting another, but Nicole told the Dodo … Read more

Dog Who Was Returned To A Shelter Received Over 500 Cards And A Party For Her 10th Birthday

Due to misconceptions about the breed, Pit Bulls often spend more time in shelters than other dogs. Truffles, a 10-year-old Pitbull mix in New York is one unfortunate victim of this phenomenon. You might be familiar with the Sophie Gamand photoshoot Truffles starred in. Gamand took soft pictures of Pit Bulls and Pit Bull mixes in flower crowns in order to show the softer side of a breed usually assumed aggressive. It was a beautiful series done with the goal … Read more

Widower & Senior Shelter Dog Teach Each Other To Love Again

Carmon Collier lost his wife of 66 years in December. Just four months later, his cherished dog also passed away. Despite his heartache, Carmon recently decided he was ready to love again. His daughter took him to the Humane Society of Southern Missouri where the staff had the perfect pooch in mind — a special senior named Bridget. Like most shelter dogs, Bridget has her own sad story. She arrived at HSSM hairless, emaciated, and obviously down on her luck. … Read more

Eight Special Needs Rescue Dogs Walked Bride Down The Aisle

Weddings are among the most important days of our entire lives. That’s why we want all of our family and friends there to celebrate. Some families just happen to be more canine than human. One bride in Ireland had a particularly hairy wedding party. Samantha Kelly and her husband Ronan were married in a beautiful ceremony at the family’s country estate home, Loughanmore Court in County Louth, Ireland. However, instead of parents, siblings, or cousins, Samantha Kelly was preceded down the … Read more

Three Unfortunate Things Keep This Sweet Boy From Finding A Happy Home

Every year since 2009, Petfinder.com has celebrated Adopt A Less Adoptable Pet Week to help senior dogs, FIV+ cats, and other often-overlooked pets find their fur-ever homes. The annual event takes place during the third week of September. This year’s Less Adoptable Pet Week is September 16 — 22, 2019.  Handsome Hatchi came to All 4 Paws in Pawleys Island, South Carolina about six months ago. He has big, soulful brown eyes, loves long walks on the beach, and has … Read more

10 Signs Your Dog May Be Ready To Cross The Rainbow Bridge

When the time comes to say goodbye, all dog parents hope their pets peacefully pass away after a long, happy life. The unfortunate reality, however, is senior dogs and dogs suffering from illness or injury most often rely on their owners to know when it’s time to cross the Rainbow Bridge. Choosing to end a life—a life you’ve cherished as part of the family—is an impossibly difficult decision, but preventing suffering is your biggest concern. No one wants their best … Read more

Want To Show Your Pup Just How Loved They Are? Get Them Cozy PACK&DEN Gifts From Santa!

Your dog has been hinting at what he asked Santa for this year – did you catch it? We’ll give you a hint: On the night before Christmas, when you rest your head, will you sleep soundly, if your dog hates his bed? We may not be poets, but we know dogs. And we know that a good night’s rest on the night before Christmas or any other night is essential to the health, happiness, and well-being of your pup! … Read more

What Is Nose Work And How Can It Help Senior Dogs Stay Mentally Healthy?

Your senior dog is past the days of jumping off docks and climbing up mountains, but that doesn’t mean their quality of life should be diminished. The key to keeping your senior dog mentally healthy and happy is getting them involved in something other than snoozing on the couch. Nose work is a canine sport that takes after training methods used for professional scent detection dogs. Every dog with a sense of smell has potential to join in and succeed. … Read more

4 Reasons To Invest In A Quality Bed For Your Senior Dog

Your dog may typically sleep on the floor or a cheap dog bed, and that’s fine for younger dogs. Senior dogs need a little extra care to keep them healthy and happy. A high-quality dog bed can be a bit of an investment, but isn’t your fur child worth every penny when the extra money spent on a superior bed could help your dog have more quality time with you before they cross the rainbow bridge? Here are 4 reasons … Read more

How To Help Your Senior Dog Find Relief From A Dry Nose

Your dog’s slobbery kisses aren’t the same without that cold, wet nose pressing up against your face. And if your senior dog’s nose is dry or cracked, you have more than the quality of their kisses to be concerned about. As one of a dog’s most important features, the health of their nose is always important. A dry nose is irritating and in the worst cases, it’s even painful. It’s sometimes a symptom of serious illness, but most of the … Read more

Dog Years: How To Determine Your Pup’s Real Age

Determining a dog’s real age is far more complicated than simply multiplying by seven for every “human” year. According to veterinarians and researchers, size and breed both play major roles in canine aging. From tiny Teacup Poodles to giant Great Danes; there simply cannot be a one-size-fits-all calculation for the entire species. A study led by Dr. Kate Creevy of the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine found that while small dogs have the aging advantage later in life, they age faster … Read more

Blind Senior Dog Is More Than Ready To Find His Forever Family

No dog deserves to spend their days in a shelter, but life in a kennel is harder on some than others. Montgomery County Animal Shelter in Conroe, TX goes above and beyond to make sure every rescue in their care is as happy as possible, but there’s no substitute to finding a forever family and leaving the shelter for good. A senior dog named Max is one of the many dogs currently up for adoption at MCAS. At eight years … Read more

8 Changes To Expect As Your Dog Becomes A Senior

Our dogs are our family, which means we love them from puppyhood through their senior years. Or, maybe you’re one of those big-hearted rescuers who adopted a mutt who’s already on the mature side. In either case, there are a few things that pet parents should keep in mind in order to keep our dogs as healthy and happy as possible, even as they age. Below, check out 8 changes you can expect as your dog becomes a senior. The … Read more

How To Get The Most From Your Senior Dog’s Vet Appointment

As our dogs age, their health needs and problems change, too. As your dog approaches his senior years, vet visits are likely to change as a result. Each vet visit is an opportunity to find out how your dog’s health is doing and how you can help him live for many more healthy, happy years. It does take a little bit of preparation, but we’re here to help you get the most from your senior dog’s vet appointment. When you … Read more

5 Things People Should Give Their Senior Dogs To Make Them Happier And Healthier

Aging is difficult, whether you’re human or canine. Luckily, we live in a day and age where there are plenty of products to help our furry kids feel better as they age. At what age is a dog considered “senior,” anyway? It depends on your dog’s size and breed. On average, dogs are considered seniors at 7. Giant breed dogs are considered seniors at the age of 6. Toy breeds may not be considered senior until they reach 10 years old. … Read more

How To Prepare Your Home For A Senior Dog

Whether your dog is approaching his senior years or you’re bringing a senior dog into your home for the first time, senior dogs require more planning and preparation than other dogs to keep them healthy, happy, and safe. A senior dog is one who is considered to be in the last quarter of his life. For large and giant breeds, this could be as young as 6. For smaller dogs, that may not be until age 10-12. Either way, senior … Read more

8 Things Your Senior Dog Will Thank You For Doing

As our dogs age, their bodies change and their needs will start to differ. While they’ll always be our baby puppies, our senior dogs are going to have some special needs. They become more sensitive physically and mentally, their bodies and minds start to change, and they will need some extra help living out their golden years in happiness and health. If you’re wondering how you can make life better for your aging pup, consider these tips. #1 – More … Read more

How To Take Care Of Your Senior Dog’s Teeth

Did you know that 80% of dogs will have some form of periodontal (gum) disease by the age of 2? That number certainly won’t improve as your dog ages. Dogs are five times more likely than humans to develop gum disease, and that can lead to a whole host of problems. Your senior dog isn’t just at risk of developing problems like mouth abscesses, tooth loss, and even a fractured jaw, but they are also at risk of developing heart, … Read more

5 Great Tips For Fighting Your Senior Dog’s Hearing Loss

One day your dog is running around with typical puppy playfulness, and the next you’re contemplating the fact you now have a “senior” living in your home. Canine aging can happen quickly, and as with humans, the process isn’t always easy. Getting older means a few more grey hairs on their muzzle and shorter walks to accommodate achy joints, and for some dogs, it also means hearing loss. As their body ages, the nerves in their ears can degrade. This … Read more