No One Will Adopt This “Different” Looking Senior Dog

You’d think dogs would be exempt from unfair standards of beauty, but tragically that’s not always the case. Dogs with unconventional appearances or physical disabilities often end up staying longer in shelters. They rarely get the chance to prove their hearts and devotion after quick first-impressions.

10-year-old Pit Bull Wally has now lived at Islip Animal Shelter in New York for over a year. He arrived there as a stray last January with a severe skin infection and blind in one eye. Clearly, the dog had a rough go of it out on the streets and had spent most of his life outside.

When you’re in your senior doggie years, each day counts. Though he has food and care now, no more of Wally’s days should be spent living in a kennel. As the shelter wrote on Facebook, he’s so ready to live out the rest of his days in a home with someone to love. Sadly, his quirky look gives potential adopters pause.

“He is a young 10 years old and has a lot of sloppy kisses left to give. He is short and stocky and loves everyone he meets. He is blind in one eye and his mouth is a little crooked but that doesn’t slow him down.”


Veterinary technician Danielle Gorle knows Wally well, and she told The Dodo the senior pup always seems perfectly content doing whatever his people want to do.

“He loves to slobber on you and will do anything for some food. He also likes to just hang out and not do anything.” 

Unfortunately, spending so long in a shelter has really taken a toll on poor Wally. Especially since he used to live outside and is still adjusting to kennel living.

“He seems to be declining. He was happier when he first came in. He likes when he gets to go out but he seems depressed in his kennel.”


How To Adopt Wally

To really set Wally up for success, here are a few things your home should have: no other animals, no stairs to climb, and only older kids or adults residing there. If you’ve ever lived or worked with a dog with medical needs, you’re just the person to look after Wally! This sweet old man needs joint supplements.

As per the shelter’s adoption process, anyone interested in adopting Wally must come in and meet him first. But you’ll be so glad you did! Visit Wally’s Adopt A Pet page for more information on how to apply to adopt.

Adopting a senior dog not only saves them, but they’ll also flood your life with comfort and constant snuggles.

H/T: The Dodo
Featured Image: @IslipAnimals/Facebook

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