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4 Reasons To Invest In A Quality Bed For Your Senior Dog

| Published on November 12, 2018

Your dog may typically sleep on the floor or a cheap dog bed, and that’s fine for younger dogs. Senior dogs need a little extra care to keep them healthy and happy. A high-quality dog bed can be a bit of an investment, but isn’t your fur child worth every penny when the extra money spent on a superior bed could help your dog have more quality time with you before they cross the rainbow bridge? Here are 4 reasons you should invest in a quality bed for your senior dog.

#1 – Arthritis pain relief

One in five adult dogs suffers from arthritis pain. In both humans and dogs, aging causes the cartilage in the joints to wear out. Without that cushioning, joints become inflamed and painful. Orthopedic dog beds have lots of cushioning to help relieve your dog’s joint pain. Less arthritis pain means a better quality of life for your senior fur child.

#2 – Comfort

Have you ever had to sleep on the floor or an extremely uncomfortable mattress? You probably woke up in pain the next day. Dogs spend 80% of their lives lying down. How would you feel if you had to lie down on the floor 19 hours a day with minimal cushioning? The older your dog is, the more he will benefit from having extra cushioning when he lies down.

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#3 – Preventing and soothing painful elbow calluses

Large breed dogs are especially prone to calluses on their elbows. The thickened, hardened patches of skin can crack and bleed, causing your senior dog pain and discomfort. Allowing your dog to sleep on an orthopedic bed can help prevent painful calluses from forming. It can also provide cushioning and pain relief for dogs that already suffer from elbow calluses.

#4 – Your senior dog deserves to be spoiled

You love your dog. What better way to express your love than to invest in a luxurious orthopedic bed for your fur child to live out the rest of their years in luxury and comfort?

PACK&DEN Orthopedic Foam Beds

PACK&DEN premium orthopedic dog beds have 2 inches of memory foam for the ultimate in comfort and luxury for your senior dog.


If the benefits for your own pup aren’t enough, each purchase of a PACK&DEN memory foam bed provides a blanket for a dog awaiting their forever home in a shelter, so you’ll be helping to provide comfort to a dog who needs it the most.

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(H/T: AKC, Petcha, Cuteness)

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