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How Sharing Your Bed With Your Dog Can Affect Your Sleep

The results of a newly published study from the Mayo Clinic titled “The Effect of Dogs on Human Sleep in the Home Sleep Environment” may make you rethink your sleeping arrangements. Researchers studied the sleep patterns of 40 dog parents for one week using activity monitors. They concluded that while sharing your bedroom with a dog does not seem to negatively affect sleep, allowing them to snuggle in bed with you does. The 40 participants in the study were mostly women … Read more

6 Ways An Orthopedic Bed Can Help Your Senior Dog

According to the National Sleep Foundation, dogs spend 50% of their day sleeping, 30% lounging around, and just 20% being active. As they enter their senior years, they require even more rest to be at their best. With so much time spent lying down, a sturdy, supportive bed is essential for reducing pain and ensuring optimal sleep. In addition to comfort and durability, high-quality orthopedic beds offer the following 6 benefits for aging pups: 1. They allow senior dogs to sleep more … Read more

Want To Show Your Pup Just How Loved They Are? Get Them Cozy PACK&DEN Gifts From Santa!

Your dog has been hinting at what he asked Santa for this year – did you catch it? We’ll give you a hint: On the night before Christmas, when you rest your head, will you sleep soundly, if your dog hates his bed? We may not be poets, but we know dogs. And we know that a good night’s rest on the night before Christmas or any other night is essential to the health, happiness, and well-being of your pup! … Read more

4 Reasons To Invest In A Quality Bed For Your Senior Dog

Your dog may typically sleep on the floor or a cheap dog bed, and that’s fine for younger dogs. Senior dogs need a little extra care to keep them healthy and happy. A high-quality dog bed can be a bit of an investment, but isn’t your fur child worth every penny when the extra money spent on a superior bed could help your dog have more quality time with you before they cross the rainbow bridge? Here are 4 reasons … Read more

21 Pallet Dog Bed Ideas

It’s easy to see why pet parents love pallet beds: they’re a fun DIY project, they’re cheap to make, and they look chic with any decor! Plus, they’re totally customizable to fit the unique personality of your beloved canine. If you know where to look, you can get pallets for free. They’re often used to load up products for shipment to stores, so if  you can get in touch with a local small business (perhaps there’s a pet shop you … Read more

My Dog Won’t Sleep Without Scratching Her Bed First, Is That Normal?

While you’re brushing your teeth and fluffing the pillows before bed, your dog has her own bedtime routine. If you’ve ever caught her scratching and pawing at her bed before circling her spot and laying down, your first thought is probably, “Aww, how cute!” But when it happens every time your pup goes to sleep, you may start worrying about her well-being. Is it a symptom of stress? Is it related to a mental issue? Does your dog need help? … Read more

Sweet Dog Pretends To Love The Tiny Bed His Mom Bought Him By Mistake

Seriously, how awesome are dogs? They’re so darn happy and grateful for every little thing! One especially sweet pup named Kenny has taken the internet by storm with his genuine efforts to cram his XL body onto the XS bed his mother accidentally purchased online! His human sister, Paeton posted several hilarious photos to Twitter earlier this week and people have not been able to get enough of kind-hearted Kenny! so my mom accidentally ordered an xs dog bed but … Read more

Shelter Pets Are Overcome With Joy When Gifted Recycled Beds

At the RSPCA in Victoria, Australia one pet’s trash is another pet’s treasure. Several area shelter locations have retail shops whose proceeds go straight to their cause of rescuing homeless dogs and cats. Recently they asked that shoppers purchasing new pet beds donate the old ones to the animals living at the shelter. More than 100 gently used beds were collected during the project, making the wait for forever homes a little more cozy for some very deserving kitties and … Read more

Volunteer Sees Sad Shelter Dogs Sleeping On Floor…So He Does Something To Fix It!

YouTube poster Stuart Edge shared this heartwarming video about how a little kindness can make a huge difference in the lives of shelter dogs. The first time he volunteered at a shelter, Stuart Edge noticed “how sad a dog shelter can actually be because the dogs have to sleep on the concrete floor,” he explains in the video. “They just don’t have the best situation to live in,” he says. As he pointed out, shelter life takes its toll on many dogs who’ve been … Read more

14 Big Dogs Determined To Fit Into Little Beds

It’s an epidemic that’s more common than you’d think: dogs that are way too big for their favorite beds! These pups may have outgrown their comfy, cozy cots, but they’re in serious denial about needing to upsize. Here are 14 pawsome pictures of dogs who have underestimated how big they’ve become, and proving that when it comes to beds, size doesn’t matter. 1. This big boy has definitely grown out of this bed…“I want to keep it! It’s an oldie but … Read more