Sweet Dog Pretends To Love The Tiny Bed His Mom Bought Him By Mistake

Seriously, how awesome are dogs? They’re so darn happy and grateful for every little thing! One especially sweet pup named Kenny has taken the internet by storm with his genuine efforts to cram his XL body onto the XS bed his mother accidentally purchased online! His human sister, Paeton posted several hilarious photos to Twitter earlier this week and people have not been able to get enough of kind-hearted Kenny!

The photos seem to tell a story – a very awkward, uncomfortable one!

A puzzled Kenny first attempts to sit on the bed, only to find that his vulnerable fanny is left out in the cold, coming to rest on the hard floor.

Image Credit: Twitter/paetonmathes


Next he tries laying down – the bed is made of luxurious velour, after all! But, alas, an even greater percentage of his blond body drapes over the edges!

Image Credit: Twitter/paetonmathes


Finally, Kenny makes the exciting discovery that the tiny kennel pad is the perfect size for a pillow!

Image Credit: Twitter/paetonmathes


The Twitter post currently has 136,000 likes and has been retweeted more than 62,000.

Pet owners reached out in solidarity…

…And some of the pets “themselves”!

Serta Mattress even offered to hook Kenny up with a more, ahem, fitting bed.

I know you are all waiting with baited breath to find out how the Ballad of Uncomfortable Kenny unfolds! Well, luckily his mom remedied her mistake by purchasing him an adequately sized, and appropriately cozy bed.

We simply do not deserve the magic that is dogs!

Featured Images via Twitter/paetonmathes

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