Veterinarian Welcomes Stolen Yorkie Home After 13 Long Years

13 years ago, a teen and his mom witnessed something they’d never forget. Their Yorkie named Connor was in their front yard when a red pickup truck pulled up and snatched the pup as they watched. The teenager yelled for the truck to stop, but the vehicle drove off with Connor inside.

Karen Fox and her son hopped in their car and sped after the truck. But despite their best efforts, they lost sight of the truck, and Connor was gone. They spent over a decade wondering what happened to the pup and if he was okay. Now, they’re finally getting some answers.

Yorkie Kissing Mom
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A 13-Year Mystery

Connor was a rescue dog the family adored. Fox is a veterinarian, and one of her clients had first connected her with the tiny dog. Fox said that her husband Timothy loved the little Yorkie more than anyone. After work, he would sit down in his recliner and brush the dog.

For weeks after Connor was stolen, the family searched the neighborhood for the Yorkie or the red truck. They had no luck, and they slowly lost hope year after year. Then, four years ago, Fox’s husband died without knowing what happened to his beloved dog. Fox was heartbroken.

But finally, after 13 years, Fox received two life-changing phone calls. One was from the microchip company that Connor was registered to. The other was from Metro Nashville Animal Control, confirming that Connor was in their care. Fox couldn’t believe it!

Happy Yorkie Home
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Making Up for Lost Time

Not all of Fox’s questions were answered that day, but all she cared about was that Connor was safe. A woman had found Connor wandering the streets. She put up “found” signs and posted in lost pet groups to find his family. When no one responded after a week, she brought him to animal control.

The now 16-year-old pup seemed to recognize Fox when he saw her. He slowly walked onto her lap and kissed her face. Fox cried tears of joy, but she wished her husband could’ve shared that moment with her.

“The most emotional thing for me,” Fox said, “is how much my husband would’ve loved for him to have come back home.”

Stolen Yorkie Reunited
Image: @MetroAnimalCare/Facebook

While Connor is safe, he has a few health problems now. He has bad teeth, infected eyes, and a sore leg. But being a vet, Fox will have no problem getting him back to full health. Luckily, he’s already comfortable in his home again, and he’s getting along well with his new canine brother, Ranger.

Fox said she’s happy to have Connor home, whether he lives for a few days or a few years. He’ll finally get the chance to live out his senior years where he truly belongs.

Featured Image: @MetroAnimalCare/Facebook

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