Dog Who Was Returned To A Shelter Received Over 500 Cards And A Party For Her 10th Birthday

Due to misconceptions about the breed, Pit Bulls often spend more time in shelters than other dogs. Truffles, a 10-year-old Pitbull mix in New York is one unfortunate victim of this phenomenon.

You might be familiar with the Sophie Gamand photoshoot Truffles starred in. Gamand took soft pictures of Pit Bulls and Pit Bull mixes in flower crowns in order to show the softer side of a breed usually assumed aggressive. It was a beautiful series done with the goal of getting the adoptable pitties to their forever homes.

At the time, Truffles was 5-years-old. Most of the dogs featured in the series went on to find families. Truffles, however, through no fault of her own was returned to the Brookhaven Animal Shelter this past June.

A dedicated volunteer at the shelter named Valerie Sanks remembers that the day Truffles returned, she greeted her with kisses. Sanks really felt for Truffles and came up with the cutest possible way to make it up to her: a 10th birthday sleepover party at a hotel!

Sanks went on social media and requested birthday cards for Truffle’s big two-digits. The cards needed to arrive by September 2nd.

Truffles received over 500 cards, from 46 states across the U.S., Canada, the Cayman Islands, Ireland, Australia, Poland, New Zealand, Austria, the United Kingdom, and Sweden. One batch of 100 handmade cards came from a group of kids at a summer camp.


Truffles suffers from allergies and can only eat specially prescribed treats. In her old age, she’s not really big on toys anymore either. So, cards were the perfect gift for this senior lady!


On the day of her hotel sleepover birthday party, Sanks read Truffles’ cards aloud to her as guests gathered for snuggles and pets. Sanks told This Dog’s Life other people had to sub to read since there were too many cards.

“Each card had a sweet message. Cards from dogs had stories about how they were adopted, how long they lived in a shelter and their own family. But most all said, ‘don’t give up. There is a perfect family out there waiting for you!’”

Screenshot, @Blankets For Buster And His Friends/Facebook

The party was princess-themed and Truffles really got the royal treatment. She dressed for the occasion and got to lounge on a big comfy hotel bed.

The night was all about her, Sanks told Patch.

“Truffles loves children so one of the volunteers went to pick up her daughter; when Truffles saw her daughter walk into the room, she was beyond happy!”

Screenshot, @Blankets For Buster And His Friends/Facebook

Undoubtedly the party was a huge success, Sanks said.

“She walked into that room and I told her to come up on the couch. She jumped up and was so happy. Then she went to the bed, rolling around — this 10-year-old senior dog was acting like a puppy.”

Instead of a traditional cake, Truffles got one made of canned dog food molded into the shape of a bone.

Screenshot, @Blankets For Buster And His Friends/Facebook

This gorgeous gal may be waiting for her forever home, but she’s getting so much love in the meantime! It always thaws even the most frozen of hearts to know that people like Valerie Sanks and the other Brookhaven volunteers care so much.

After her party, Truffles moved to the SPCA Jefferson County. The Brookhaven Shelter thought a smaller shelter closer to a city would give Truffles a better chance at getting adopted.

Even though she’s so beloved, Truffles is there now, waiting to be adopted. If you want to be the King or Queen to this Princess you can see more about adopting her here!

H/T: Patch, This Dog’s Life

FEATURED IMAGE: @Blankets For Buster And His Friends/Facebook

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