UPDATE: Rescue Heals The Heart Of 20-Year-Old Abandoned Dog

It’s a scene shelter workers witness all too often: owners relinquishing their senior dogs because they are too old, too sick, too expensive, etc. But when a woman led her loyal 20-year-old Cocker Spaniel through the doors of Carson Animal Care Center in Gardena, California on Tuesday, even the most seasoned staff were shocked and devastated. His name is Sonoma. He is blind, deaf, and at the time he was surrendered, had spent his entire life with one owner.

A heartbreaking image of Sonoma at the shelter looking frightened and confused appeared on the Pet Rescue Report. They called for their Facebook followers to share his plight with friends, family, and especially rescue organizations.

Thanks to the attention Sonoma’s story received on social media, this sweet senior only had to spend a single stressful night at the busy shelter. On Wednesday, the wonderful rescuers at the Frosted Faces Foundation welcomed Sonoma into their family of senior dogs!

According to an update from the Pet Rescue Report, Sonoma’s furry fanny wiggled with delight as he took his freedom walk through the shelter doors and toward the rest of his life. A Facebook post from the Frosted Faces Foundation read in part:

“Meet Frosted Face Sonoma whose days will go on, his heart will heal, and we will be his advocates- me, his new family, all of you. Where anger meets love, we act.”

Once in their care, Sonoma was given a good bath and thorough cleaning for his infected ears. After he was lovingly towel dried, given a delicious healthy meal, and topped off with a fancy green bow tie, Sonoma snuggled into a cozy bed for a well-earned nap.

The shelter staff and volunteers, those who posted about his plight, the rescue group that stepped up to save him, and each and every person who shared his story played a role in Sonoma’s second chance. What a beautiful reminder of the kindness that exists in a world that often feels unspeakably cruel.


It’s not always easy to find someone to care for a dog who is so old – that means falling in love with someone who has very little time left. But Frosted Faces was able to find a wonderful Forever Foster for Sonoma!




Sonoma lived to be 22 years old. While his family was away on vacation, the sitter called to let them know that she had arrived one morning to find that he was gone. Frosted Faces posted the following goodbye:




H/T to Pet Rescue Report

Featured Images via Facebook/Frosted Faces Foundation

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