Desperate Stray Dog Makes A Remarkable Transformation

Warning: The photos below may be difficult for some viewers — but don’t worry, there’s a happy ending!  It was two weeks before Christmas 2016 when A Chance to Bloom Rescue in Conroe, Texas first met Kane. The pitiful pooch was emaciated, almost hairless due to a severe case of Demodectic mange, and suffering from several injuries including a broken tail and deep, self-inflicted wounds on three legs from chewing himself to the bone. Kane also had secondary skin infections and … Read more

Shelter Makes Controversial Decision To Halt Adoptions Until After The Holidays

Dogs Trust is the largest canine welfare charity in Ireland and the UK. The organization has been rescuing and rehoming pups since 1891 with their now-famous motto, “A dog is for life.” In keeping with this philosophy, the Dublin rehoming center has suspended all adoptions until after the New Year in an effort to discourage people from bringing home pets on a whim. The charity took to the streets in order to demonstrate the message of their Paws For Thought campaign. Using … Read more

Emaciated “Grumpy Face” Dog Recovers With Healthy Food Provided By iHeartDogs Customers

Every purchase from the iHeartDogs store provides supports programs like GreaterGood’s RescueBank, providing healthy meals to rescues and shelters across the country. The following is a success story made possible from your support! – Sir Gideon was not always the distinguished, burly pooch he is today. He was found chained to an abandoned porch, weighing in at a death-defying 14 pounds. The photo below shows the emaciated Pit Bull mix a week after his rescue. At that point, he had … Read more

UPDATE: Rescue’s Longest Resident Lost Her Eyes But Not Her Spirit

A beautiful rescue dog named Nikova has been waiting nearly three years – 3/4 of her life – for her loving forever family to come along. During that time, she has overcome past mistreatment, battled glaucoma, adjusted to sudden blindness, and endured surgery to remove her eyes. Despite her courageous soul and gentle, affectionate nature, Nikova is yet to be adopted. When she was just a year old, Nikova found herself in a Santa Clarita, CA shelter. She was quite … Read more

Dog Journeys From Texas To Arizona & Back Again In The Wake Of Hurricane Harvey

Natural disasters of Hurricane Harvey’s magnitude cause nearly as much chaos as they do property damage. Luckily for the animals of Houston, there have been countless volunteers working day and night to get them out of harm’s way and into the safety of shelters across the country. Due to the overcrowding and confusion left in Harvey’s wake, a pup named Katana has embarked on quite a journey – from Beaumont, Texas to Phoenix, Arizona and back to Texas again! Katana … Read more

8 Reasons To Adopt Your Next Dog

All dogs have the capacity to be incredibly loving companions, no matter their age, breed or background. When you are ready to bring home another furry family member, why not consider adoption? Approximately 3.9 million dogs enter American shelters each year, and each one deserves to experience the comfort and safety of a forever home. Here are eight fabulous reasons to adopt a shelter dog – or two! 1. The Choices Are Endless   There is a common misconception that … Read more

Vet Refuses To Give Up On “Paralyzed” Puppy

Veterinarians are forced to make difficult decisions every day. Dr. Z of Duarte Azusa Animal Hospital outside Los Angeles recently found himself confronted with an agonizing situation involving a six-week-old puppy named Bo. The tiny pooch’s owners said she was paralyzed and signed over their rights to her after declining all treament – except euthanasia. But Dr. Z refused to give up on little Bo so easily.   He ran a series of tests that revealed the cause of Bo’s “paralysis.” … Read more

Mama Dog Rescued From Death Row Gives Birth To 18 Puppies

Remember that part in 101 Dalmatians where Purdy delivers puppy after puppy after puppy? That scene recently played out in Ashlee Holland’s spare bedroom – on a more realistic scale, of course! Holland is a life-long animal lover with a heart for rescue. Recently she took in a dog named Ava who was formerly scheduled for euthanasia at a local shelter. She knew that Ava was expecting puppies when she fostered her, but she had no idea she was expecting … Read more

Offensive Fake Dog Profile Appears On Rescue Group’s Website

Since January 2010, Animal Humane New Mexico has successfully re-homed 100% of the healthy pets in their care. They are also devoted to providing veterinary services and humane education to their community. Recently their sterling reputation was put at risk when a questionable profile for an “adoptable dog” appeared on their website. The incident has sparked an internal investigation within the non-profit rescue organization. It is unclear whether it was an inside job or if someone got a hold of an … Read more

Abandoned Bonded Brothers Find A Loving Forever Home

What goes through the mind of a dog when he or she is surrendered to a shelter? Chances are it is a combination of fear, heartbreak and confusion. Twin German Shepherd mixes, Apollo and Adonis found themselves in a high-kill Texas shelter back in April with only each other for comfort. Likely given up by their owner for being heartworm positive, they were terrified and cowering at the back of their kennel when New York-based A-Team ELITE Rescue swooped in. … Read more

Rescuers Swoop In To Save Shelter Dog As He’s Being Euthanized

A big-eared pooch named Tiny reached the conclusion of his harrowing rescue story just one week after he narrowly avoided euthanasia at a Philadelphia shelter. A couple read his incredible story and were reminded of their previous dog who was also rescued just before being put to sleep. They fell in love with Tiny’s goofy face, and together the three of them have embarked on their new lives together. It’s a heartwarming happy ending that almost never happened. Tiny found … Read more

Fun-Filled Dog Festival Raises Money For Pups In Need

Does a day packed with food trucks, photo booths and dozens of adorable dogs romping through a 4,000 square foot play area full of balls, pools, and toys sound like your idea of a good time? Then leash up your pooches and join Houston’s dog lovers as they celebrate the fifth annual Puppies for Breakfast event Saturday, May 13th from 10am – 3pm at Market Square Park! Official Date for 2017 Puppies for Breakfast Dog Fest is May 13th at Market … Read more

Seattle Rescue To Welcome 11 Beagles Saved From The Korean Meat Trade

Violet, Blue, Orange, Green – 11 Beagles rescued from the South Korean meat trade are currently identified only by the colored ribbons around their necks. They are slated to arrive in the United States in May where they will be given names and loving homes for the first time. Seattle Beagle Rescue (SBR) has agreed to welcome all 11 dogs, ranging in age from two to seven, and embark on the rewarding journey of preparing them physically and emotionally for adoption. … Read more

UPDATE: Rescue Heals The Heart Of 20-Year-Old Abandoned Dog

It’s a scene shelter workers witness all too often: owners relinquishing their senior dogs because they are too old, too sick, too expensive, etc. But when a woman led her loyal 20-year-old Cocker Spaniel through the doors of Carson Animal Care Center in Gardena, California on Tuesday, even the most seasoned staff were shocked and devastated. His name is Sonoma. He is blind, deaf, and at the time he was surrendered, had spent his entire life with one owner. A heartbreaking … Read more

Rescued Mama Dog Watched Her 10 Pups Get Adopted, Now It’s Her Turn

Beautiful Abigeal was discovered at a Miami construction site in September 2016. She had given birth to 10 puppies beneath a metal storage unit and was struggling to keep them alive. Although she was barely able to produce milk, this devoted mama refused to abandon her pups to save herself. Now that all 10 of her babies have been adopted into loving homes, Abi is hoping to find her own happy ending. No Paw Left Behind Rescue has been saving … Read more

Animal Rescuers Turn Their House Into A Retirement Home For Senior Dogs

Sher and Joe Polvinale devoted more than 30 years of their lives to rescuing unwanted dogs and cats – many of them seniors. In 2006 they established House With A Heart Senior Pet Sanctuary out of their own 4 bedroom home in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Joe passed away in 2008, but with the help of her large group of volunteers, Sher continues to provide sanctuary to about 30 senior dogs at a time, making sure their final days are filled with love. … Read more

How You Helped Provide This High-Risk Dog With A Second Chance

Part of each sale through the iHeartDogs store is donated to Greater Good, which helps support various charities. Thanks to customers like you, happy endings, like the one below, are made possible.  Like many rescue groups, The Brittany Foundation Animal Sanctuary is always in need of funding and supplies in order to save as many lives as possible. With the donated food from Greater Good charity partner, Rescue Bank – an organization that provides meals to pets in shelters, rescue groups and foster care – … Read more

Thanks To You, Rescue Dogs Like Houdini Always Have Full Bellies

Part of each sale through the iHeartDogs store is donated to Greater Good, which helps support various charities. Thanks to customers like you, happy endings, like the one below, are made possible.  Rescue Bank is an organization that redistributes donated pet food to rescue groups, shelters and fosters in need. They are one of Greater Good’s vitally important charities. It can be difficult to visualize just how much of an impact a charity like this truly makes. That’s why we love it when our partners share … Read more

Witness The Heartfelt Moment When An Abandoned Dog Realizes She’s Saved

Judy Obregon, the founder of The Abandoned Ones Animal Rescue, knows that she cannot save every dog in Fort Worth, but as she told The Dallas Morning News, “trying won’t hurt.” What does hurt is her heart every time she discovers yet another abandoned, abused, neglected or forgotten animal like the sweet little pup in the upcoming videos.   Fort Worth’s Echo Lake Park has a long history as a tucked-away spot to illegally abandon dead, dying, and unwanted dogs. … Read more

UPDATE: Two-Legged Rescue Puppy Will Walk Right Into Your Heart On His New Prosthetic Legs

Life did not get off to a promising start for Cupid. The adorable fluffy puppy was found sealed in a trash bag in a Toronto dumpster this January. He was just 7-weeks-old, born without front limbs, and tossed out like garbage to die in the frigid weather. Now, not only has Cupid stolen the hearts of his Facebook fans, he has also been fitted with new prosthetic legs!   Cupid was named for his little heart-shaped nose and sweet personality … Read more

Patrick Stewart Fosters A Pit Bull & Falls In Love At First Sight

Just when you thought Patrick Stewart couldn’t get any cooler, the iconic actor behind Star Trek‘s Captain Picard, The X-Men‘s Dr. Charles Xavier, and those hilarious Strongbow commercials, goes and fosters the cutest chocolate Pit Bull on earth! He may be known for portraying powerful leaders, but it’s clear that Ginger has completely conquered Stewart’s heart! The knighted actor and his wife, musician Sunny Ozell, have been in love with Pibbles ever since meeting their neighbor’s dog, Sadie. Stewart has … Read more

UPDATE: Deformed Dog Nobody Wanted Now Has Fans Lining Up To Adopt Him

UPDATE 3/29/17: Remember Picasso? The impossibly adorable pup born with the unique facial deformity? Thanks to donations from his fans and dear friends at Luvable Dog Rescue, he has undergone successful dental surgery to alleviate discomfort in his lower jaw from his upper teeth digging into the gums. Don’t worry, they have no intention of changing Picasso’s “signature look”, the surgery was just to help him live pain-free! Once he has fully recovered, Picasso and his brother, Pablo can be … Read more

Shelter’s Desperate Facebook Plea Leads To 120 Dogs Finding Homes Or Foster Care

On February 22, Animal Care & Protective Services of Jacksonville, FL posted a desperate plea to their Facebook page. Animal Control officers were in the process of rescuing an estimated 50 – 60 dogs from a single home and the shelter was already at capacity. In less than one week’s time, their call for help was answered – more than 120 dogs found placements! Adopters, foster paw-rents and rescue groups far and wide responded to ACPS’s cry for help, allowing them … Read more

Abused & Abandoned Rescue Pup Finds A Home At FDNY Firehouse

Erica Mahnken and her fiancé, Michael Favor of No More Pain Rescue didn’t ask any questions when they received an anonymous phone call about a dog abandoned in a former “crack house.” They arrived at the location and found a young, malnourished Pit Bull mix. She was covered in suspicious lesions and had been left without food, water or electricity for at least 2 days in the frigid New York winter weather. A post shared by NoMorePainRescue (@nomorepainrescue) on Jan … Read more

Puppy Found By Dumpster, Sold Online & Abandoned On A Doorstep Finally Gets Rescued

Poor little Snowflake has had an incredibly rough start to her short life. At just 5 weeks old she was found abandoned behind a dumpster in Bakersfield, California. The person who found her attempted to sell her on Craiglist for $10, but was only offered $5, so he or she dumped little Snowflake, soaking wet and freezing cold, on a stranger’s doorstep. The homeowner contacted Amanda Brooks, an adoption coordinator with the rescue group, Marley’s Mutts. She rushed over to … Read more

Dying Dog Abandoned In Wheelbarrow Gets A Miraculous Second Chance

On the afternoon of November 1, 2016, an emaciated, paralyzed German Shepherd named Cubby was surrendered to the Harris County Shelter (HCS) in Houston. He was so weak that he had to be pushed there in a wheelbarrow. The prognosis was grave, but shelter volunteers could tell that Cubby was not ready to give up, so they decided that they would give him every possible chance to fight for his life. Such a sweet face. #cubbystrong Posted by Val’s Pals … Read more

This Year’s “Puppy Bowl” Will Feature 3 Adorable Special Needs Pups

On February 5th at 2 PM EST, the 13th Annual Puppy Bowl will premier on Animal Planet to the delight of millions of pet lovers. This year the event will feature three very special pups in the starting lineup – Winston, a vision and hearing impaired Australian Shepherd mix, a deaf English Pointer named Doobert, and an adorable three-legged Terrier by the name of Lucky. Puppy Bowl XIII was filmed in October with shelter cuties from 22 states and 34 … Read more

Senior Rescue Covers Vet Bills For Life So Old Dogs Can Experience Loving Homes

It’s no secret that older dogs have a difficult time getting adopted. Many people are concerned that they will not be able to handle the veterinary costs necessary to keep a senior pooch healthy. While this is certainly a valid apprehension, Old Dog Haven – a Seattle rescue group – has found a way to alleviate this problem. They pay 100% of the veterinary bills for the life of each adopted dog. As incredible as it sounds, the group run by … Read more

Tiny Pit Bull With Dwarfism Lives To Defy The Odds And Inspire The World

Sassy the Pit Bull was born to a backyard breeder in New York. When the volunteers at Forgotten Pets of Long Island took her into their rescue as a tiny pup, they expected her to have a short and painful life. Their goal was to show her a bit of kindness and comfort in the time she had left. Now, four years later, Sassy is strong, happy and most of all – loved! She has an adoptive dad and two … Read more

Pilot Flies The East Coast Skies Rescuing Dogs From Kill Shelters

Jack Merritt describes his life’s passion as a sort of “underground railroad for dogs.” Along with his partner, Julie Altman, Merritt volunteers his time, money and talent to rescuing homeless pups in danger of euthanasia. He pilots his own aircraft to areas along the east coast where shelters are overcrowded and transports dogs back to Altman’s 6-acre Greenmore Animal Rescue in PA. Merritt and Altman recently hit the landmark of 1,000 dogs saved since beginning their mission in 2010. The … Read more