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Desperate Stray Dog Makes A Remarkable Transformation

Warning: The photos below may be difficult for some viewers — but don’t worry, there’s a happy ending! 

It was two weeks before Christmas 2016 when A Chance to Bloom Rescue in Conroe, Texas first met Kane. The pitiful pooch was emaciated, almost hairless due to a severe case of Demodectic mange, and suffering from several injuries including a broken tail and deep, self-inflicted wounds on three legs from chewing himself to the bone.

Kane also had secondary skin infections and was terribly weak from malnutrition.

Image Credit: A Chance to Bloom Dog Rescue


With months of extensive veterinary care sponsored by generous donors and the rescue’s own funds, Kane transformed into the strong, handsome dog he is today. A Chance to Bloom said:

“Today Kane is healthy, has a beautiful coat, and loves to play in doggy daycare with his buddies! Breakfast and dinner are his favorite time of day!”

Image Credit: A Chance to Bloom Dog Rescue


Best of all, after a year of loving foster care, Kane has been adopted into a brand new family complete with a mom, dad, and a little girl to play with!

Image Credit: A Chance to Bloom Dog Rescue


Kane owes his wonderful new life to the devoted folks at A Chance to Bloom Rescue, but their mission would not be possible without their donors. They are recipients of donated food from‘s Rescue Bank Program, which is partially funded by your iHeartDogs purchases.

Image Credit: A Chance to Bloom Dog Rescue


Every item you buy provides healthy meals to dogs like Kane so their rescuers can focus their funds on other important needs like shelter, veterinary care, and saving more dogs!

“Thanks to the food donations from’s Rescue Bank, we save money and can take in more cases like Kane. We love being able to help the underdogs!”

― A Chance to Bloom Rescue

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Written by Dina Fantegrossi
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