Hairless Rescue Dog’s Transformation Will Make You Do A Double-Take

When a stray Chihuahua arrived at Maricopa County Animal Care & Control in Arizona back in October, she was in terrible condition, suffering from demodex mange. She resembled an ancient mummy far more than she did a dog. Her bone-thin body was covered in scabs. Due to her condition and her foggy eyes, this dog was labeled “at-risk” for euthanasia. Fortunately, some kind people weren’t going to let that happen. Not to this dog who never got a fair chance. Caitlin Beall, … Read more

The 5 Major Parasites That Could Threaten Your Dog’s Health

If asked to name all the parasites that could affect your dog, how many could you name? There is actually a pretty wide variety of parasites that can affect dogs. They all have varying effects on dogs from just uncomfortable itchiness all the way up to death. With most parasites, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of the cure. If you understand the risks associated with varying types of parasites, it may encourage you to remember to keep up … Read more

Desperate Stray Dog Makes A Remarkable Transformation

Warning: The photos below may be difficult for some viewers — but don’t worry, there’s a happy ending!  It was two weeks before Christmas 2016 when A Chance to Bloom Rescue in Conroe, Texas first met Kane. The pitiful pooch was emaciated, almost hairless due to a severe case of Demodectic mange, and suffering from several injuries including a broken tail and deep, self-inflicted wounds on three legs from chewing himself to the bone. Kane also had secondary skin infections and … Read more

Police Warn Chicago Residents To Stay Away From ‘Zombie Dogs’

Residents of a Chicago suburb were alarmed to hear reports of “zombie dogs” roaming the streets, but it isn’t what you think. After numerous calls about seriously neglected stray dogs, the Hanover Park Police Department announced on Facebook last week that the “dogs” people are seeing are actually coyotes. Normally nocturnal animals that roam the areas around Chicago at night, the sick-looking coyotes are suffering from sarcoptic mange. The disease is extremely contagious and caused by tiny mites that … Read more