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8-Year-Old Boy Makes It His Mission To Save Hundreds Of Shelter Dogs

In Tampa Bay Florida, an 8-year-old boy has made it his mission in life to save as many dogs as he can. His name is Kenny Lewis. Kenny has been making YouTube videos since last year. His videos were mostly about his reviews on toys and showing everyone his skills in cooking. The name of his channel is The Kenny Show.

But after his visit to the Pasco County Animal Services, all of that changed. It was there that he learned about the life of shelter animals. Kenny wanted to do something about it, he wanted to help. He wanted to save as many dogs as he could. So he set a short term goal of saving at least 150 dogs by finding them forever homes.

To do this, Kenny started making videos to inform everyone about The New Barker magazine’s adoption event which happened last June 11. Watch the video below and see Kenny being interviewed by Anna Cooke from The New Barker Magazine.

The event may be over, but Kenny didn’t stop there. He plans to continue his campaign, hoping his videos will motivate and encourage people to adopt dogs. He also wants to be an animal rescuer when he grows up! What a remarkable young boy!

Check out Kenny’s videos at his YouTube Channel.

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