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8-Year-Old Donates All Of His Birthday Presents To Animal Shelter

Written by: Scott H
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| Published on September 30, 2021

Pulaski County, Kentucky, is home to about 65,000 residents. Of those 65,000 people, there is one with an exceptionally large heart. Jacob Maggard may only be 8-years-old, but he has enough kindness and compassion within him to last several lifetimes!

Jacob’s neighbor, Cheryl Sears, passed away on May 22nd. Rather than flowers, Cheryl’s family asked for donations to be made to the Pulaski County Animal Shelter, where her daughter, Kim, is the Assistant Director. Jacob was so inspired by this request that he decided to take action.

Senior Dog at Shelter

Rather than asking for gifts for himself, young Jacob asked for birthday presents he could give to the shelter. He collected supplies that he proudly donated to help dogs and other animals in need.

A Wish List Became A Reality

When Jacob got the idea in his head, his mother, Lisa, decided to help him make his dreams come true. Lisa contacted the shelter to see what supplies they needed most. Then they made an Amazon wish list which Lisa and Kim both sent out. The wish list quickly became a reality as supplies started pouring in faster than a wagging tail at the dog park!

“Some people had the donations mailed to her house and some were mailed here,” Kim said. “I had package after package coming in here from Amazon that people had called in donations.”

Jacob’s heart for helping runs in his blood. His family moved to Somerset, Kentucky from California just last year after his dad retired from the military. Jacob’s mom is a veteran also. Before they moved back to Kentucky, Jacob’s family rescued a dog from the SPCA who Jacob named Junior Flash.

“We had always donated to the shelter, whether it be used towels or an abundance of dog food,” Lisa told the Commonwealth Journal. “In California, our local shelter was very close to our home. They would put needs out on Facebook all the time, and Jacob and I would go to the store and pick up stuff to give. For him, giving to the shelter is very normal but this one was special because it’s ‘Miss Cheryl’s shelter.'”

Jacob Was Shocked At What He Saw Next

Though many of the items had been shipped directly to the shelter, there was quite a bit at Jacob’s house that still had to be delivered. Jacob and his family packed their SUV to the brim. It wasn’t until that moment that Jacob realized just how much people came together to help. The SUV was full of cat and dog food of all kinds, treats, collars, toys, and anything else you can imagine!

Jacob took a look and exclaimed in amazement, “Wow, the animals are going to be so happy!”

His kindness continued to flow as he visited each and every dog in the shelter that day, personally handing each one a yummy treat.

“Jacob is a sweet boy and his love of animals has always shone through,” Lisa said.

And for good measure, Jacob went to bed that night and prayed that every dog in the shelter would find a home filled with love – as much love as he had for each of them.

h/t: Commonwealth Journal

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