9 Dog Breeds That Look Like Wild Animals


There are hundreds of different dog breeds all with their own unique looks and personalities. In fact, you’d think some have nothing in common at all. But all dogs are descended from the same ancestors – wolves. While many look nothing like wild animals, others have a strong resemblance to other creatures!

#1 – Swedish Vallhund

Image source: Miia Kierikki-Malinen via Flickr

The Swedish Vallhund is a rare herding dog with a beautiful grey coat and short legs. Used as a drover and herder of cattle, these short legs helped keep the dogs from getting kicked while working. Their adorable looks remind many of a grey fox – with their pointy ears, thick coats and feisty personalities. Swedish Vallhunds make great active companions and do well in various dog sports like agility and obedience.

#2 – Löwchen

Image source: Annie Wildmoser

The Löwchen is nicknamed the Little Lion Dog, so you can probably guess why the breed is on this list. Although they don’t resemble lions too much with a natural coat, their unique grooming style makes them look just like the big cats. They are a very rare breed, but also very social, happy and agile. They make great companions for those looking for a smaller, active dog.

#3 – Shiba Inu

Image source: Takashi Hososhima via Flickr

The Shiba Inu is a popular Japanese breed that is known for its fox-like appearance. Although the breed comes in various coat colors, the red and white dogs are most noted for looking like fluffy foxes. They are a very independent breed that often act more like cats than dogs.

#4 – Bedlington Terrier

Image source: SheltieBoy via Flickr

The Bedlington Terrier is known for its unique look. This breed looks much more like a lamb than a dog! They were originally bred to hunt vermin in mines and have since been used in races and various dog sports. These terriers are somewhat more “mild” than other terrier breeds, but are still energetic and intelligent dogs that do best in active homes.

#5 – Brussels Griffon

Image source: Andrea Arden via Flickr

The Brussels Griffon might not look like any wild animal, but they certainly are known for looking like Ewoks from Star Wars! They are fictional mammaloids that resemble teddy bears and the rough-coated Brussels Griffon is often compared to them. They are a sturdy, playful toy breed that enjoys spending time with their families and do well around people of all ages.

#6 – Czechoslovakian Vlcak

Image source: Fg Pictures (38) via Flickr

The Czechoslovakian Vlcak, or the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog, was originally created to be a protection dog by crossing German Shepherd Dogs with Carpathian wolves. Because of this, the breed strongly resembles the wolf in appearance and temperament. They are playful and intelligent and make great companions for active families.

#7 – Chow Chow

Image source: Hsuanya Tsai via Flickr

This Chinese breed looks a lot more like a bear than a dog, especially with its ultra-thick coat. It is an ancient breed originally used for guarding and they still maintain some of these traits today. Aloof with strangers and aggressive when not well trained and socialized, the Chow Chow typically needs an experienced owner. That said, they are deeply loyal to their families and those they call friends.

#8 – Shikoku

Image source: RonjaV via Flickr

The Shikoku is a Japanese breed, often called the Japanese Wolfdog. It’s an appropriate nickname for a breed that so closely resembles the wolf. Originally bred for hunting deer and boar, Shikoku are tough and agile dogs. They are not as independent as the rest of the Japanese breeds and make great companions for active families.

#9 – Great Dane

Image source: Kyra Savolainen via Flickr

This German mastiff breed is known for its size and substance. A powerful working dog that was used for hunting bear, deer and boar, the Great Dane stands as one of the tallest dog breeds in existence today. The tallest dog, a Great Dane named Zeus, holds the world record for standing 44.0″ tall at the withers. Because of their size, these gentle giants often look more like small horses than dogs. Beautiful built and substantial movers, Great Danes are as beautiful to watch as many horses.

Written by Katie Finlay
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