93-Year-Old Woman Is Best Friends With Her Giant Fluffy Neighbor

Every human/animal bond is special, and 93-year-old Sally and one-year-old Brody have the kind of connection every animal lover hopes for. In 1990, Sally lost her husband. All but one of her four children moved far away, but the independent senior was never alone.

Sally has lived next door to Dave Mazarella in Mt. Vernon, Washington for the past 15 years. As a fellow animal lover, Mazarella has had a host of pets. Sally has met and loved them all, but none of them have been as special to her as Brody.


Brody is a young Saint Bernard, and Sally is by far his favorite neighbor. He’s a big puppy who loves to play and cuddle, but nothing beats heading next door for a visit with Sally. The friendship started when Mazarella started bringing his new puppy over for occasional visits. Before long, Sally was feeding Brody treats, scratching behind his ears, and petting his soft fur. Every time they saw each other they fell more in love.

Brody’s visits have since turned into a daily necessity. Sally and Brody go on walks and spend time cuddled together watching the news. Brody helps his friend get her newspaper, and he even accompanies her to church. Sally said in an interview with the Today Show, “From the moment he sees me he’s so happy. Brody really loves me—Dave says it’s my voice.”


While Sally has lived in Washington since 1952, she grew up on a farm in Holland. The experience gave her the Dutch accent that Brody is apparently fond of, and it’s also where she learned to love all animals.

Brody is young, silly, and playful, and his loving personality is an exact match to Sally’s own. She doesn’t let her age keep her from having fun with her favorite neighbor. While Sally is currently unable to care for an animal herself, the friendship she shares with Brody is all she needs.

Sally and Brody make the cutest couple, and you can see more of their adorable adventures on the popular Instagram account Brody shares with his canine siblings.

For those wondering: We first shared this post in August 2017 when Miss Sally was 93. As of March 2021, she’s doing well! She has moved into a care home but still enjoys visits from Brody and his siblings! 

Featured Image Source: Facebook/Blizzard and Lulu

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