A Rescue Dog Named Bailey Saved This Army Vet With PTSD

iHeartDogs works closely with GreaterGood.org to donate a portion of sales to their various charity efforts. Through the Pets & Vets program, rescued dogs are matched with veterans as companion animals. Thanks to the support of customers like you, happy endings like the one below are made possible.
GreaterGood.org partners with Vets for Pets to match veterans with animals rescued from unpleasant circumstances. One of those perfect pairs is an Army vet named Cody and his dog Bailey. Cody and Bailey met after the former was honorably discharged in June of 2019 after 4 years of service.
The years he spent with the army took a major toll on his mental and physical well-being. Cody shared:

“I have multiple injuries that still bother me daily, I also suffer from PTSD and Severe Anxiety Disorder.”

Cody also found it difficult to transition back into civilian life and find work.

“After 5 different jobs and not being able to hold my emotions in check, I realized I was spiraling down. Family and friends weren’t supportive, and truthfully, I felt they were there using me in various ways. It took nearly 8 months to start getting VA disability and Section 8 housing approval.”

Once Bailey entered Cody’s life, things would take a dramatic uptick.

A Mental Health Boost In The Form Of A Dog

A few months after his discharge, Cody felt completely despondent.

“From mid-January to April 18 I didn’t have a reason to live. I prayed that God would send me something or someone to give me a reason to live. Then on April 18, the Lord blessed me with Miss Bailey from Pets for Vets.”

He described their meeting as “love at first sight.” Bailey makes his day to day life easier, and he loves taking care of her too.

“I’ve only had her a few weeks but she has changed my life for the better because not only do I need her, SHE needs me! She’s the child I never had, a reason to live, my world.”

A Future Service Dog In The Making

Bailey not only gave Cody a new purpose, she provided him the support he craved. She curbs his panic attacks and he loves her deeply in return. One day, she will become an official service dog.

“Now I spend my days with her by my side, caring for her and her for me. I look forward to the many years we have ahead and plan to work to certify her as a service dog. I want my love bug to go everywhere with me, knowing she’s ok and for her to know I’m alive and well, not having a panic attack with her by my side.”

The relationship between these two paints a clear picture of how important the Pets & Vets program is. Cody had a lot of things working against him after his service. Now he’s doing much better, and he truly loves his big baby Bailey.

“She’s a big baby, and that’s OK, because she’s MY big baby and I love her.”

Thanks for your support that led one hero to his hero!

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Your purchase of any of the following products provides funding towards our Pets & Vets program, which helps match veterans with companion and service dogs. These dogs help veterans better cope with PTSD as they adjust to civilian life. Learn more about our Pets & Vets program.

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