Abandoned Puppy Was Freezing To Death Outside, And Had An ‘Unlikely’ Savior

It’s only natural for us, as humans to feel drawn towards animals. We love to give our affection and support to these wonderful, innocent creatures. However, we’re not the only ones on this Earth that reach out to protect suffering animals; volunteers at animal shelters and wildlife rehabilitation centres work tirelessly each day in order to help rehabilitate homeless animals.


Image Source Credit: Good Times


Some animals have been known to save those in need.

A puppy was abandoned in the freezing street. It seemed to be a newborn and according to locals, his mother was nowhere to be found.

She was pleasantly surprised when her mom got her a stuffed animal that looked just like the goose she had seen in the picture playing with the baby.

Unlikely animal friends take the internet by storm, as seen in this photo where Mama Goose seemed to be cuddling with her Pup- Goose.


Image Source Credit: Good Times


These mother goose and puppy vs. wolf illustrations provide a heartwarming reminder that we should help those in need. For example, this poor pup could have died if not for the kindness of a human providing food and shelter to him.

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