Abandoned Puppy Faithfully Remains At Her Deceased Sibling’s Side

Your dog may love to chase cars, but often they don’t understand how dangerous this activity really is. Attended and securely leashed, it’s usually just harmless barking and tugging. Little puppies with no one to protect them, however, are at serious risk of getting struck by a vehicle.

Sadly, this tragic fate befell an abandoned puppy in Serbia. Even sadder, his sister didn’t know what else to do besides remain by his side, just next to the street. This heartbreaking dedication left her at risk of injury too.

Dog Rescue Shelter Mladenovac, Serbia/YouTube

Though dogs can and often do survive car accidents, these injuries can leave a lifelong impact. They can also lead to very pricey surgeries. This loyal little puppy needed someone to get her away from the danger, right away.

Heartbroken But Still Happy To Be Rescued

When rescuers from Dog Rescue Shelter in Mladenovac found the committed puppy, she immediately showed signs she was happy to see them. She jumped around and wagged her tail eagerly.

Still, after what she’d been through, she hesitated to fully approach. It took a bit of patience and some food to get her to come close enough to grab. The poor thing seemed unsure about leaving her brother behind, though he sadly did not make it.

Dog Rescue Shelter Mladenovac, Serbia/YouTube

Safe And Sound, Forever

After she was rescued, the 7-month-old puppy received a new name: Nina. Much more than that, she now has a permanent place to call home.

Dog Rescue Shelter Mladenovac, Serbia/YouTube

Her brother’s death was a tragic loss, but Nina is able to channel her sisterly love into a new fur sibling. She also has a loving new family. In the end, people saw her worth and she’s happy! It’s clear she’ll make the most loyal companion.

Thanks And Condolences

After Dog Rescue Shelter shared Nina’s emotional rescue video, animal lovers chimed in to mourn for the lost puppy and praise the shelter for saving Nina.

I cried… She’s so happy but didn’t want to leave her dead sibling. Heartbreaking. Dogs are so loyal. Why can’t more people value every life?” – Suzi C. via YouTube

“The work you do gives hope and light to humanity. May Nina’s brother cross the Rainbow Bridge. Happy to see Nina with her new mom.” – hildegrade777 via YouTube

You can donate to support this particular shelter in Serbia here. Thank goodness for the people who stop for abandoned puppies like Nina.

H/T: Dog Heirs
Featured Image: Dog Rescue Shelter Mladenovac, Serbia/YouTube

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