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Loyal Dog Sat Vigil For Two Weeks Refusing To Leave Her Dead Friend’s Side

Written by: Amber King
| Published on May 18, 2017

Hope For Paws is an organization in Los Angeles, CA that is committed to helping as many homeless animals as they can. They save dogs who are injured and starving and give them second chances at life. They’ve seen countless cases of canine heartbreak, and the story of a homeless pit bull who sat vigil over her dead friend’s body is especially poignant.

The dog, later named Cassandra, was first found by railroad maintenance workers. She hadn’t left the side of the railroad tracks for two weeks, and it didn’t take long to learn why. Hidden among the rocks and trash was the body of a poodle. The dog had died days before, but Cassandra refused to leave her friend behind. She stood guard over the poodle’s body, scrounging for scraps of food and exposed to the rigors of life on her own.

Source: Homeless Pit Bull sits by her dead friend for two weeks… by HopeForPaws

After realizing the pit bull was alive but in need of help, the railroad crew called Hope For Paws. Lisa Arturo and JoAnn Wiltz are experienced with taking in stray dogs, and they headed to the tracks to help.

Cassandra was scared and didn’t trust the two women trying to coax her toward them. She jumped away whenever they got close, but the lure of food kept her from going far. Arturo and Wiltz worked slowly by tossing treats in the dog’s direction. Eventually, Cassandra’s empty stomach gave in. She got close enough to have a lead put over her head, but the sudden capture made her jump with panic. With soothing words and soft touches, the pair of rescuers calmed the dog to a point of transformation.

Image Source: Doggie Bonez

Cassandra suddenly relaxed and let her rescuers gently touch her head. She seemed to know they were there to help and didn’t resist when they lifted her into the car. After a visit to the vet and a warm bath, Cassandra was ready to leave those railroad tracks in the past. She was introduced to a foster family and started to show her true personality. Her fosters describe her as being curious, playful, and sweet, and she loves other dogs and people.

The homeless pit bull showed her fierce loyalty those two weeks she spent on the train tracks, and now she’s waiting for somewhere to call home. If you think Cassandra would fit in with your family, contact Doggie Bonez to find out how you can adopt her. You can also donate to Hope For Paws to help other dogs find their way off the streets and into new homes.

Featured Image Source: Doggie Bonez

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