Deaf And Blind Rescue Dog Knows Exactly When Mom Comes Home

One-year-old Pearl may not be able to see or hear her owner, but that doesn’t stop her from knowing exactly where she is. Born with a condition called “double merle,” Pearl has had to navigate the world a little differently than the average rescue dog. She’s blind and deaf, but thanks to the right kind of training and a loving owner, she’s learned to overcome her disabilities. Pearl lives in Hawaii with her owner Lauren and three other rescue dogs, … Read more

It’s Time To Debunk These 8 Myths About Fostering Rescue Dogs

The world of animal welfare is full of unsung heroes, and foster families are often the most misunderstood. Fosters are the people who offer rescue dogs temporary homes while they wait for forever families. Some fosters have dogs of their own and some focus solely on their rescued house guests, but they all have at least two things in common—they love dogs and have a passion for saving lives. There’s a lot people don’t know about fostering, and it’s time … Read more

Rescue Dog Attempts One Final Agility Course Before Retirement. Fails Gloriously!

It’s the end of an era. Kratu, the world’s favorite agility dog, gave his farewell performance at the Crufts Kennel Club Dog Show last week. The Romanian rescue dog that stole our hearts plans to retire from agility at the end of the year. Kratu first made a name for himself in 2018 when he put his own unique stamp on the agility course. Rather than follow the approved routine, he skipped obstacles, visited onlookers on the sidelines, and generally … Read more

Ball Player’s Shocking Post Calls Rescue Dog “Too Much To Handle”

Minor league baseball player, Austin Conway adopted his dog, Stella four years ago. Ever since, the German Shepherd mix has been “shedding all over my bed and clothes,” “wanting to go outside at the most inconvenient times,” and even stealing food right off Conway’s plate.  In addition to her naughty behavior, caring for Stella is quite costly. “It’s even harder to find an apartment to live in that will take her, since she is a German Shepherd mix. Generally, I … Read more

Pup Who Survived Being Shot 17 Times Becomes An Inspirational Therapy Dog

Maggie’s story is one of the worst cases of abuse we have ever come across. Although some of the details are hazy, here’s what we know about her past: She was discovered beaten and chained on a roadside in Beirut. Maggie had been shot 17 times, her right ear cut off, and her jaw broken. She was also heavily pregnant. Maggie was rescued and brought to the UK by the Wild At Heart Foundation. A veterinarian tending to her injuries … Read more

Big Blue Beauty Needs a Forever Home – Let’s Help Him Get It!

Introducing Fenway! This absolutely gorgeous guy has many special characteristics that make him a stand out but he’s got one notch on his collar that isn’t so great. We are hoping our community of dog lovers can help him shed the title. He is currently the longest term resident at OC Animal Care in Tustin, California. He’s been lovingly cared for at this shelter since January of 2018. It’s high time Fenway finds his forever home.   Enjoys Long Walks on … Read more

See the Life-Changing Transformation This Rescue Dog And Forever Father Made Together

Bringing a rescue dog into your life can be a transformative experience. Their homecoming means new responsibilities, fun, action, challenges, routines, and most of all, tons of love. For Eric O’Grey, adopting a rescue dog named Peety sparked a new beginning that lead to the manifestation of a completely different life. Life or Death In 2010, Eric was in terrible shape. He tipped the scales at 340 pounds. His 5’10” frame was overburdened and his health chart reflected that. Type … Read more

Calling All Drivers! Meatball Has Waited 3 Years To Be Your Furry Co-Pilot

Post Updated 7/23/19: Although Meatball has been waiting three years for a forever home, he is one of the lucky ones. After finding himself in a California kill shelter, he was pulled by a small rescue organization. When they closed, Tails and Scales Animal Rescue stepped in and placed him in a loving foster home to await adoption. Recently, it seemed as if his perfect family had finally been found. Even though they live 780 miles away, Meaty’s foster mom … Read more

After Losing Their Home, A Rescue Dog Helps His Family Move Forward

No matter how hard we try, life doesn’t always go as planned. That was the reality for Robert and his faithful rescue dog Meaty when they suddenly found themselves homeless. When Robert and his partner first adopted Meaty from Front Street Animal Shelter in Oakland, CA, they were happy with a roof over their heads and great plans for their future. They fell in love with Meaty at first sight, and Robert knew he’d do everything possible to make his … Read more

Dog Given Up For Bad Behavior Finds Exactly What He Needs In Prison Training Program

A year ago, Titan was a big dog with even bigger behavioral problems. His owner didn’t want him, and his size combined with his lack of training left him with few options for his future. A good Samaritan was desperately trying to find the 90-pound Great Pyrenees/shepherd mix a good home, but the task was far from easy. She tried local rescues, posted to social media, and sent emails to everyone she could think of. The responsibility of taking in … Read more

Pooch Approaching 1 Year In A Shelter Hopes To Ring In 2019 With A Forever Family

It has been 350 days since Marsha arrived at All 4 Paws Animal Rescue in Pawley’s Island, South Carolina. In just two weeks, this sweet Shepherd Mix will mark one full year in a shelter and begin 2019 in a cage. That is, unless her forever family comes along first! When Marsha was rescued last December, she was accompanied by two adult dogs later determined to be her children. What All 4 Paws didn’t know was that this dutiful mama … Read more

Cute Comic Shows What It’s Like To Adopt A Rescue Dog

Every rescue dog has a story. Whether they were found roaming the streets as strays or rescued from abusive situations, there’s something unique about each experience. We don’t always know what their lives were like “before,” but adopting a shelter dog is all about the “after.” We shower them with love and attention, and it’s amazing to watch nervous dogs straight from the shelter blossom into confident members of the family. Anyone who’s ever rescued a dog knows how much … Read more

Rescue Dog Helps Parkland Teen Move Forward After School Shooting

On February 14, 2018, 16-year-old Annagrace Myers was sitting in a classroom at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. In the middle of her chemistry class, the fire alarm went off. She didn’t know it then, but that was the moment her entire community was changed forever. The sophomore survived what is now known as one of the deadliest school shootings in the country’s history. Recovering from the traumatic event hasn’t been easy, but Annagrace has a special friend, a rescue … Read more

Local Shelter Helps Broken-Hearted Disabled Man Find A New Best Friend

Six months ago, Pete Cole lost his Pug, Gizmo to cancer. He recently decided to open his heart to a new dog, but fell victim to an elaborate puppy-selling scheme instead. Cole was out $500 and ready to give up when the Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland reached out to help him find his new best friend. The shelter learned of Cole’s plight after local news station, WGME exposed the scam.  With the help of shelter staff and WGME’s … Read more

Rescue Dog Pays It Forward To Save Another In Need

Saving a dog on the brink of starvation was all about teamwork for a group of rescuers in Dallas, Texas. Brady, an eight-month-old Mastiff, was found on the streets so weak he could barely lift his head. He needed help from staff at the Dallas Shelter, volunteers at DFW Rescue Me, veterinary professionals, and one very special pup. Without eight-year-old Rose, Brady wouldn’t have survived his first night off the streets. As a rescue dog herself, Rose is no … Read more

Four Years Later, This Sweet Dog Is Still Looking For The Perfect Home

It’s been four long years since sweet Ginger was first introduced to Responsible Pet Care of Oxford Hills. The no-kill animal shelter in Paris, Maine was built from the ground up by a small group of people dedicated to improving the lives of lost, abandoned, and stray animals in their community. They see several heartbreaking cases a year, but they never turn down an animal in need. In 2014, Ginger came to them as a stray. She needed a good … Read more

Ice Skating Rescue Dog Hopes To Go Pro With NHL Team

Cheryl Del Sangro is a retired ice skater and coach. When she adopted a bright, talented rescue dog named Benny, teaching him to skate was inevitable. The 6-year-old Yellow Labrador has become the world’s first ice skating dog and mastered more than 50 tricks during his time with Del Sangro. But life was not always so good. “He had spent six months in a kill shelter in Utah and eventually was put on the euthanasia list,” Del Sangro told PEOPLE. Luckily, … Read more

Blind Rescue Dog Has His Very Own Seeing Eye Dog

When a Cocker Spaniel named Kimchi was found abandoned and afraid on a lonely street in the Philippines, he was already mostly blind. It was 2012, and no one knew what the ailing dog’s life had been like before rescuers took him in. What they did know, however, was that Kimchi deserved better. Compassion and Responsibility for Animals (CARA) was determined to change his life. All they needed was the perfect family to take him home. With his sweet … Read more

The Touching Story Of An Olympic Athlete’s Newest Rescue Dog

When Olympic skier Gus Kenworthy and his boyfriend Matt Wilkas toured a dog meat farm in South Korea, they fell in love with a furry bundle of joy they named Beemo. The puppy’s two dads started documenting her life to raise awareness about the serious issues surrounding both the dog meat trade and animal welfare in general. With her fluffy face and sassy personality, the little rescue pup soon stole the hearts of thousands. Beemo went from a scared puppy … Read more

Furry Fire Survivor Is The Newest Firefighter In This Florida Town

After weeks of recovering from third-degree burns, a furry survivor named Ruby is ready for her second chance at life. She miraculously survived a devastating fire, and Palm Harbor Fire Rescue in Florida knew right away she was something special. She was a tiny puppy with a strong will to live, and now she’s going to live out her days as a town’s official fire dog. When Ruby was only a few months old, a fire broke out in … Read more

Saved From Death Row, This Pup Wears His Emotions All Over His Face

4-year-old rescue dog, Bacon earned himself the nickname “Old Man Bacon” due to his temperamental attitutude and crabby nature. The unique-looking pooch’s story began on the streets of Tampa, Florida where he was picked up by animal control. Bacon was adopted out and returned twice with the owners citing behavioral issues. Eventually he found himself on the euthanasia list.   View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Bacon (@thebaconator) on Sep 4, 2018 at 10:24am PDT Luckily, local rescue … Read more

After Being Abandoned Twice, Terminally Ill Rescue Dog Is Living His Best Life

Parker may only have a few months to live, but his friends, family, and even complete strangers are making sure those few months are the best he’s ever had. Helping Hand For Animals and S&B Kountry Kennel in Iowa are working together to bring this rescue dog the love and happiness he desperately deserves. His life hasn’t always been easy, but he’s happier than ever as he works his way through a bucket list made especially for him. At … Read more

This Girl Brought Home A $5 Foot Long, It Wasn’t What Mom Was Expecting

There’s always a measure of creativity that goes into caring for a dog, and 21-year-old Kelsey Johnstone needed to call on that creativity sooner than expected. Kelsey’s mom wasn’t exactly on board with the idea of adopting another dog. The family already had a beloved dog named Oliver, but Kelsey was determined to get Oliver a new furry sibling. All she needed was mom’s permission. When a sign outside an animal shelter gave her the perfect idea, she couldn’t pass … Read more

Atlanta Organization Helps Strays While Keeping Kids Out Of Gangs

The streets of Atlanta, GA are home to countless stray animals. There are dogs scrounging for food in dumpsters, feral cats struggling to survive, and former pets newly abandoned and afraid. At the same time, there’s a different kind of problem lurking in the shadows. Local gangs take over neighborhoods, and they’re always looking to recruit. Kids are pressured to take sides, teens are forced to join in, and innocent youth are beaten when they try to resist. Disabled veteran … Read more

Peyton Manning Adopts Rescue Puppy During Family Vacation

Every year, Philadelphia, Mississippi hosts an event that attracts people from all over the country. The Neshoba County Fair is full of food, fun, and entertainment, and this year, it was also the setting of a lucky little dog’s happily ever after. NFL legend Peyton Manning retired from professional football after winning a Super Bowl championship with the Denver Broncos in 2016, but he also has strong family ties to Mississippi. Growing up, he and his siblings spent their summers … Read more

Blind Senior Dog Is More Than Ready To Find His Forever Family

No dog deserves to spend their days in a shelter, but life in a kennel is harder on some than others. Montgomery County Animal Shelter in Conroe, TX goes above and beyond to make sure every rescue in their care is as happy as possible, but there’s no substitute to finding a forever family and leaving the shelter for good. A senior dog named Max is one of the many dogs currently up for adoption at MCAS. At eight years … Read more

How Much Do Rescue Dogs Remember From Their Pasts?

You know your rescue dog had a life before you walked into the shelter, but how much of that time do they actually remember? Would your dog recognize their old owners or where they used to live? Can they recall specific experiences whether they were good or bad? For some rescues, forgetting a painful past might be a good thing, but is that even possible? Here’s a closer look at how your dog’s memory works and what scientists think they … Read more

Petco Foundation President Susanne Kogut Talks About How Fosters Save Lives

This July, the Petco Foundation is inspiring animal lovers to learn more about fostering rescue animals with their “Be a Lifesaver” initiative. iHeartdogs had the privilege of interviewing Petco Foundation president, Susanne Kogut, about how fostering is an important piece of the animal welfare puzzle. With a house full of rescue dogs and an influential career leading animal welfare organizations, Susanne is spreading the word about how everyone has a chance to “Be a Lifesaver.” We asked her a few … Read more

UPDATE: Hero Police K9/ Netflix Star Succumbs To “Sudden, Untreatable Illness”

Updated 5/16/22 Just two months after a movie based on her life premiered on Netflix, Ruby the hero police dog has passed away. According to a Facebook post from the Rhode Island State Police, K-9 Ruby was put to sleep following a “sudden, acute, and untreatable illness.” The story of the remarkable pooch and her handler Cpl. Daniel O’Neil inspired the Netflix film, Rescued By Ruby. Before joining the force, Ruby, an Australian Shepherd and Border Collie mix, was an … Read more

10 Things To Know About Adopting A Fearful Rescue Dog

Walk through any animal shelter in the country, and there will always be excited dogs begging for your attention. They hop and bark and paw at the gate hoping to catch the eye of the exact right person. But among all that excitement, there’s also a different type of rescue dog. They’re the dogs that would rather curl up and borrow in their beds than face well-intentioned strangers. For one reason or another, they’re afraid of the world. Fearful rescue … Read more