Dumped Dog Tired Of Cruel Humans, Starts Living Like A Hermit And Avoids Everyone

The 4-year-old Poodle Terrier mix never had a good experience with humans in her life and this made her incredibly fearful of them. From the time she was about 1 year old, Abby (a.k.a. The Desert Dog) roamed the deserts of Southern California alone for over 2 years, becoming an Internet sensation earlier this year when she was finally captured and taken to Long Beach Airport Animal Shelter.


Image Source: Hope For Paws – YouTube Video


A woman from a mobile home park community had been feeding and grooming Abby, who had matted fur and limited vision. The woman was worried about Abby’s survival after she found the cat’s plight on Instagram.

Abby had eluded this rescue team for two days and even ran up a tree, but she finally cooperated and was captured by them. Falling only once, the sensitive dog willingly gave her trust to. . .  Continue Reading >>

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