Dumped Dog Tired Of Cruel Humans, Starts Living Like A Hermit And Avoids Everyone

Abby had eluded this rescue team for two days and even ran up a tree, but she finally cooperated and was captured by them. Falling only once, the sensitive dog willingly gave her trust to the rescuers.


Image Source: Hope For Paws – YouTube Video


Abby had just about given up on life while strapped in that filthy, waterless truck. After years of mistrust, she surrendered to the voices outside the window and let them be her rescuers! The content exchanged resulted in Abby finally getting back what she deserved- care, trust, and compassion.

Later in this video, we see Abby’s strenuous grooming session as the rescuers shave out her hardened matted fur tangled in shards of wires. Do watch this video to the end to see Abby’s amazing transformation as a tiny little cutie.

Watch the happy ending for Abby in this Hope For Paws Video below! Be sure to pass this onto a friend or family member:


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