Adorable Dog Dad Creates A Clever Device For Trimming His Pup’s Nails

Written by: Dina Fantegrossi
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| Published on February 15, 2018

18-year-old Kendal Peifer is one lucky gal. Not only did her family rescue a wonderful pooch named Oliver last year, she also has an adorable dad who is basically MacGyver!

Like most pups, Oliver is not a fan of having his nail trims. In order to get the job done, Kendal’s dad visited the local Goodwill and purchased…a purse.

What does a used pleather pocketbook have to do with trimming dog nails, you ask? Well, when four strategically placed holes are added and the contraption is hung from a piece of exercise equipment, that purse transforms into a genius grooming harness!

Kendal proudly shared photos of her dad’s makeshift invention on Twitter and the post went viral.

To date, more than 84,000 people have retweeted Kendal’s post and 2,300 have left comments. While many commenters expressed admiration for the creative handiwork, others were more interested in the adorable dog dad’s relationship status.

“A lot of people are saying how genius the idea was,” Kendal told Buzzfeed. “Other people are asking for my dad’s phone number and saying how good looking he is.”

Still others focused on Oliver’s less-than-ecstatic facial expression.

While the handsome Boston Terrier is clearly not pleased about being tricked into a nail trim, he sure is lucky to have been rescued by such a loving, resourceful dog dad!


H/T to BuzzFeed

Featured Images via Twitter/Kendal Peifer

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