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Dog Nail Trimming: 3 Things You Can Do So Your Pup Won’t Hate It 

For many dogs, nail trims bring about lots of fear and anxiety. Your pup doesn’t understand that you’re doing it for their safety and health – all they know is that you’re coming at their feet with a pair of clippers! Dog nail trimming doesn’t have to be scary for your pup as long as the right techniques are implemented. iHeartDogs asked Dr. Michel Selmer, DVM, CTCVMP, to give us some tips on how to make the process easier. Also … Read more

Bald Man Creatively Distracts Dog Getting Nails Clipped

Oh no… The time has come to embark on that dreaded task: trimming your dog’s nails. What can you do to keep your belligerent pup still for just a few minutes? Enlist another person to stop their squirming? Promise them treats when you’re done? Scream at them that it’s for their own good and hope the message sinks in this time? Unfortunately, those things don’t often work all that well. Sometimes you’ve gotta get really creative. Like one dog parent … Read more

9 Expert Tips To Make Nail Trims Easier On Your Dog

During my career as a veterinary technician, clients often asked me for advice on performing successful nail trims at home. The process of trimming dog nails is actually quite simple. Most people just need help getting their pups to cooperate! Luckily, even dogs that despise the clippers can become acclimated to the process, or at least learn to tolerate it. Below are 9 tricks for making nail trims go smoothly – even on dogs with black nails or furry paws. If … Read more

Adorable Dog Dad Creates A Clever Device For Trimming His Pup’s Nails

18-year-old Kendal Peifer is one lucky gal. Not only did her family rescue a wonderful pooch named Oliver last year, she also has an adorable dad who is basically MacGyver! Like most pups, Oliver is not a fan of having his nail trims. In order to get the job done, Kendal’s dad visited the local Goodwill and purchased…a purse. What does a used pleather pocketbook have to do with trimming dog nails, you ask? Well, when four strategically placed holes … Read more

How To Help Your Nervous Dog Get Through Grooming Sessions

A fresh haircut and a relaxing mani-pedi is a welcome change from the stresses of our day-to-day lives, but grooming services can have the opposite effect on our dogs. There are several reasons why a dog may experience fear and anxiety during grooming. The pet salon is full of strange sights, sounds, and smells, not to mention other animals giving off their own auras of stress. Some dogs may have had a negative experience in the past such as a … Read more