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UPDATE: After Being Chained Outside For 15 Years, This Dog FINALLY Gets A Home!

| Published on January 23, 2017

While some dog breeds love spending all day outside, no dog should be out in the elements, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week… especially for years and years.

This is the story of Bear, a senior dog in Suffolk County, New York who was chained for fifteen years enduring the blistering heat of summer and the frigid storms of winter with no shelter. According to a story by Good News Network, local group Guardians of Rescue (GOR) was called to help the poor pup out.

”We received a call about a dog in need of a dog house,” GOR founder Robert Misseri said in the story. “But when we got there, it was even worse than that. That’s when we discovered the poor dog had spent his whole life attached to a heavy chain. We knew then and there that we had to do something to make a difference in that dog’s life, and so we did.”

Watch the moment Bear is freed:

Luckily, Bear’s owner agreed to surrender him to the rescue, and after 15 long years of neglect, he finally learned what it felt like to be loved.

With a little help into the truck (which was probably his first car ride), this senior pup was on his way to a life full of love, comfort, and happiness.

GOR make a bucket list for Bear, and began checking off items right away – this sweet boy had a lot of life to catch up on!

He got a full spa treatment, then took his first trip to the pet store to pick out some toys of his very own!

Bear even got his first taste of a delicious frosty treat: a vanilla ice cream cone!

Although he’s a senior, this boy’s enthusiasm is like that of a puppy as he discovers all the wonderful things that a life has to offer.

(h/t: Good News Network)


Bear has a home! This sweet senior pooch is living the good life with mom Kerrie Rank, where he gets warmth, love, and full run of the house!

Watch the full story on Bear’s adoption, below:

We’re so happy for you, Bear! Thanks to Kerrie for opening her heart and home to this very deserving pup.

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