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After Rescuing An Abandoned Dog, This Officer Plans To Make Him A Member Of The Family


Police officers in Germantown, Wisconsin were notified of a dog tied up in a wooded area behind a local Pizza Hut. When they arrived, they found the pup alone and seemingly abandoned. Although what exactly happened isn’t clear, the police officers sent the pup off with the Washington County Humane Society. They’ve named the homeless dog Chance, hoping to give him a second chance at life. Fortunately, he didn’t have to wait very long to find a new forever home – a Wisconsin police officer on the case plans to adopt him.

However, if Chance wasn’t actually abandoned and his owners are looking for him, they’re urged to contact the Germantown Police Department to take Chance home. The police department hopes that this case will encourage anyone who can’t properly care for their animals anymore to turn to safer alternatives when finding a new home. Relinquishing a dog to the humane society or a rescue group is a much better option than tying them to a tree and the Germantown PD hopes that people will be reminded of this.

Thankfully for Chance, he’s either going to be claimed by his owners who are missing him or he’ll go on to live a happy, healthy life with a local Wisconsin police officer. His outcome had a very positive ending and we’re certainly grateful Chance wasn’t injured or didn’t fall sick while tied to the tree.

Written by Katie Finlay
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