Aldi Releases Tiny Dog Sofas That Every Pup Deserves

All dogs deserve to have as much comfort as possible. Many major retailers know this, which is why Aldi is bringing back a special line of dog supplies specifically for your beloved canine.

Aldi’s Pampered Pets Special Buys will be released on March 21st, 2020, and they have everything your dog needs to live their best life. That includes an adorable tiny dog sofa that you just can’t resist!

This special collection of dog supplies contains a wide selection of products including memory foam mats, blankets, toys, and treats. Essentially, it has everything you need to make your dog the happiest pup in the world. However, many dog parents are most excited about the special dog sofas. They come in two different sizes and a few different colors to give your pup their own piece of furniture.

Image: @thisisiradio/Facebook

As you can imagine, the dog sofas look just like a real sofa, only tinier. They’re low enough to the ground so that your dog can easily get on them, but they’re still slightly elevated just like a real couch. Your dog will be able to nap in comfort and style with one of these awesome furniture pieces. But they’re only available for a limited time.

What Do I Need to Know About These Sofas?

The dog sofas only come in two sizes, one for small dogs and one for larger dogs. The small dog sofa can hold any dog up to 30 pounds. Then, the large sofa can hold any dogs up to 100 pounds. So, they’re designed only for your dog to sit on, not you!

Image: Kevin Mikaere Gray Facebook

They are made with high quality materials, so they come at a high price. The small bed can be purchased for $59.99 while the large bed is $99.99. Of course, many dog parents know that you can’t put a price on your dog’s happiness. 

If your dog wants even more comfort, there’s also a cute paw print blanket to match the couch for only $9.99. In fact, your pup will likely enjoy all of Aldi’s new dog products.

However, Aldi’s Special Buys truly are special. Once they’re sold out, they’re sold out, and they usually run out fairly quickly. So, if you really want a special couch for your dog, you need to be prepared. 

Image: Screenshot, Reuben HD YouTube

The sofa will appear in stores on March 21st, and they will remain there until they’re all sold out. However, Aldi’s pet products are notorious for selling out quickly. So, if you want to make your pup happy with a luxurious new sofa, you’ll have to act fast!

Featured Image: @thisisiradio/Facebook and @ALDI.USA/Facebook

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