Baby Girl And Her Golden Retriever Are The Absolute Best Of Friends

There’s nothing cuter than dogs and babies. 

So when you combine the two, it makes for extra amounts of adorable. 

That’s just what has won over the hearts of thousands of people on Instagram with the dynamic duo of Macy the baby girl and Marshall the Golden Retriever. 

marshall_thegoldenr/ Instagram

Best friends since Macy’s birth, the Australian buds have been taking the internet by storm with over 20,000 followers on Instagram. Their parents, the Bryants, post their day-to-day antics — and there is plenty of cuddling and playing involved. 

The two share a special bond that many canines do with their human siblings. The pair is often shown playing in the garden, having tea parties, and simply relaxing together. 

marshall_thegoldenr/ Instagram

Marshall has loved Macy since she was born. In their first photo together, he is shown gently nuzzling the newborn with his nose. He would often guard her while she was sleeping, never straying too far from his new little friend. 

“Bit of a throwback to Marshall’s first morning with Macy,” the Bryants said in a sweet post of the two. “The most gentle floof, he just watched her and he knew he couldn’t get too close but sure enough he pushed it and got as close as he could. The way he looks at her though.”

marshall_thegoldenr/ Instagram

Now that Macy is a toddler, their bond has grown even stronger. She is able to run around with him and play, and he really seems to enjoy her company. In most of the pictures of the two together, Marshall has a classic canine grin on his face. 

Marshall goes everywhere with Macy, including the park, beach, and even the bathtub. One adorable photo shows Macy in the tub and Marshall standing next to it and licking up some of the bathwater. 

marshall_thegoldenr/ Instagram

“Bath time is always a family event,” the Bryants joked about the photo

The sweet duo has garnered thousands of fans online, and people are always commenting on how cute the two look together. 

“He’s known from day one that Macy is his favorite little human and he will always be by her side caring for her!” one fan wrote. “Animals are our best friends,” another fan continued. “To grow up with animals is one of the best things which can happen to a child.”

marshall_thegoldenr/ Instagram

For Macy and Marshall, that sentiment couldn’t be any more true. One look is all it takes to know just how special they are to one another. 

H/T: Daily Mail
Featured Image: marshall_thegoldenr/ Instagram

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