Beach Memorial For Deceased Dog Provides Tennis Balls For Other Pups

When Bruce, a playful black Lab, passed away, his family found a beautiful way to memorialize him and bring joy to other dogs and their families. At a popular beach in Mandurah in Western Australia, they set up a wooden box filled with tennis balls. People visiting Silver Sands beach with their pups are encouraged to take one either to borrow or to keep.

For some reason, the brightly colored, erratically bouncing balls fulfill our dogs’ prey drives. Plus, they love to chew on the tough yet squishy material. Evidently, tennis balls were a favorite of Bruce. The memorial includes a photo of the pup playing on the beach, his gleeful tongue hanging out. It also includes a note with instructions:

“In loving memory of Bruce, please help yourself to a tennis ball for your dog to enjoy. You may also wish to pop it back in the box afterwards for another dog to play with. If you wish to keep it that’s fine too!”

Deanne Moulden via Facebook

As a reminder to other dog parents, the note goes on:

“Remember to live each moment like your dog with unconditional love, loyalty and happiness.”

While Bruce can’t play with his favorite toy at the beach anymore, other dogs can thanks to this sweet tribute. Surely everyone who sees the memorial will hug their dogs extra tight in honor of Bruce.

Inspiring Dog Parents And Beach-Goers

Unsurprisingly, this tribute made the rounds on social media. Perth residents and dog-lovers everywhere expressed their appreciation and offered kind words to the late Bruce.

“Reckon Bruce must have had a wonderful life with people like this. Travel well, Bruce.” – Sue Jolley Darmody via Facebook

Knowing the owner of Bruce this is definitely something they would do. Absolutely gorgeous and thoughtful. Bruce was first in their lives and always will be.” – Sarah Boulter via Facebook

“We use this beach daily to walk our dogs and came across this thoughtful gift this week. RIP Bruce.” -Maryanne Pestell via Facebook

If you’re close by, I’d suggest taking a trip over to Silver Sands Beach to honor Bruce. It seems like at the very least, he was happy and loved in life. Now he’ll be remembered forever, bringing joy to people and local pups. I’m across the ocean, but I’ll toss a few tennis balls in his memory from here!

H/T: Daily Mail
Featured Image: Deanne Moulden via Facebook

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