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Blind And Deaf Dog Smells Dad, Dances Right To Him

| Published on January 15, 2021

People often try to argue that a dog who can’t see or hear has no real quality of life. But as someone who lived with a blind dog who was also hard of hearing, I can tell you those people speak without experience. These amazing dogs quickly learn to cope with their circumstances. They live their lives moment by moment, for sniffs and food and love.

3-year-old Lyla was born blind and deaf, but that doesn’t seem to bring her down. She enjoys playing outside in the yard and taking in the multi-scented air. In one particularly adorable video shared to TikTok, Lyla’s backyard wandering changes course when she smells her dad, Mark Reed, nearby.

A caption on the short, sweet video reads:

“When she all of a sudden smells my scent…”


Though she meandered calmly before, Lyla’s energy surges at the recognition of dad’s smell. She starts hopping and dancing around, running right to where he sits. She follows her powerful nose to his chair.


Then, she enjoys those well-earned pets and chin scratches. That, folks, is pure love and joy. A dog with or without working eyes would react excitedly towards the one they love.


You absolutely have to watch the video for yourself on TikTok. You can also see plenty of other videos of Lyla on Reed’s page. This sweetie is worth a follow.

Perfectly Happy Without Eyesight Or Hearing

It’s the internet, so of course a bunch of viewers and fans chimed in with suggestions for Reed. Some recommended looking into surgery. Her dad says that even with surgery, her eyesight couldn’t be restored.

Others recommended getting Lyla a bumper halo, a little ring dogs can wear to prevent collisions. Reed noted Lyla doesn’t really have a problem getting around.

“When she’s calm, when she’s not hyper or excited, she doesn’t run into things. She’ll bump it and then change directions.”


Lyla also has other doggie siblings who lead the way for her. No, she can’t see what’s in front of her or hear what a good girl she is. She enjoys sniffing sniffs and cuddling with her humans and her many fur siblings. Never underestimate the resilience of a dog!


Consider rescuing a dog with eyesight or hearing issues. Clearly, they’ll be forever grateful!

Featured Image: @markreed2009/TikTok

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