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Blind Man Gets Beautiful Responses When He Asks People To Describe Their Dogs

Written by: Molly Weinfurter
Molly Weinfurter is a writer for iHeartDogs, and she’s passionate about helping animals in need. She volunteers for Bailing Out Benji and a local dog rescue.Read more
| Published on November 27, 2019

Stephen Shkuratoff from Calgary, Canada loves dogs. He enjoys meeting and getting to know new dogs, and he often shares photos of himself with different dogs on Facebook.

However, as much as Shkuratoff adores them, he is blind, so he is unable to see how adorable they are. So, he reached out to the Dogspotting Society group on Facebook to find out how other dogs lovers would describe their furry friends.

Shkuratoff made a post asking others to describe their dogs to him. He explained that personality traits and other senses are more helpful than the visual colors of the dogs. After making this post, he expected a few kind people to reach out and share their experiences, but he never expected so many people to react and respond.

Image: Stephen William Dale Shkuratoff Facebook


Over 8,000 people reacted to this post and about 2,000 commented. Each person had their own unique way of describing their dogs. Many people even reached out to say how touching the discussion was. Shkuratoff thanked everyone for their responses, and he was happy to feel so included.


Some of the Heartwarming Responses

“I have a dog who is mostly legs, he’s a twiggy little guy with a long tail that floofs out at the end and is very swishy, he has the kind of ears that stick up and fold down and has the softest fluff behind his ears, long nose with good whisker placement and just a general dog shaped skinny guy,” said Jessica Wardrake.

Image: Stephen William Dale Shkuratoff Facebook


“Maze is a little muscle-packed turbo charged tank. She’s endlessly excited and ridiculously stubborn. Her ears are like velvet and her belly is smoother than a marble,” posted Katie Allyn Smith. “I love the spot above her lip and under her nose where they meet. That spot is so soft and has such a unique feel. Her tail knocks over anything in its path. She is the destroyer of worlds.”

“My Peluso is soft as a cloud and smart like a philosopher. He’s only 15 pounds and loves to play in the bed sheets when I make the bed. He kisses everyone he meets and really tries to get his tongue up your nose,” wrote Allison Hatfield. “His bark is sharp and loud and in the afternoons he is very opinionated about when it’s time to go out.”

Image: Stephen William Dale Shkuratoff Facebook


“My two dogs, Frank and Tipsy are Pitbulls from the local shelter. Both are pretty small, Frank being short and squat, Tipsy being slender and muscular,” wrote Joy Violet. “Frank is a huge baby, he’s cuddly and whines a lot. Tipsy is joyful and loves everyone and everything. They act as parents to my three kittens and every other animal I bring home to foster. They love to cuddle!”

Life-Changing Descriptions

Each comment was unique and heartwarming in its own way, and it is amazing to see how many people were willing to describe their dogs to Shkuratoff. They really considered their other senses when writing these articles, and they did their best to explain them in a way that he could imagine. 

Image: Stephen William Dale Shkuratoff Facebook


Most people can just see their dogs every day, so they don’t think much about their appearance. But sometimes the little details about them are the most exciting. We need to remember to never take these little things for granted.

So, take the time to think about your own dog. Obviously, they’re cute, but what are the little things that make them stand out? What would you write in response to this thought-provoking post? Please check out all the other amazing comments on this discussion.

Featured Image: Stephen William Dale Shkuratoff Facebook

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