Bloodhound Picks Up Missing Child’s Scent From Over 1.5 Miles Away

When it comes to finding missing people, we mere humans sometimes have to hand it over to highly trained, super-smeller search dogs. Depending on the breed, a dog’s sense of smell typically ranges from 10,000 to 100,000 times stronger than ours.

This superior nose allows them to locate objects and people from far distances and pick up on even subtle scents. It’s also why so many dogs work with police departments and security teams.


On Sunday, December 12th, 2021, Connecticut State Police received a call informing them a 10-year-old girl had gone missing in Woodbury. Shortly afterward, K9 Izzy and her handler were on the job.

Izzy Confidently Leads The Way

At around 2 pm that day, Izzy and her handler started their search in the White Deer Rocks Road area. Izzy sniffed an object belonging to the young girl. The hound then trailed this scent for over a mile and a half.

Izzy’s skill and concentration really paid off. Connecticut State Police – Troop L Litchfield posted on Facebook:

“After a 1.63 mile track, K9 Izzy successfully located the female youth in the area of the Whittemore Sanctuary in Woodbury. Great work to Izzy and her handler!”

This Google map shows the route Izzy sniffed her way through to find the child. As some have pointed out, it’s nearly a straight line, indicating Izzy really knew how to follow her nose.


Because this dog can identify a lingering smell and trace its source, a 10-year-old’s life was saved.

Praise For Izzy And All Search & Rescue Teams

When you don’t work with them every day, it’s easy to forget how incredible trained scent-differentiating hounds really are. Commenters on the Facebook post announcing the girl’s rescue remain in awe of what search and rescue dogs are capable of.

I love seeing dogs do what they do best!! And a life was saved in the process! Great job Izzy and her wonderful handler.” – Brenda Orr via Facebook

What these dogs and handlers can do is amazing!!!” Carole M. Pearson via Facebook

K9 Izzy belongs to the Bloodhound breed, giving her that extra sniffing advantage. These dogs have an estimated 250 – 300 million scent receptors, more than any other breed.


In addition to thanks, many others had some suggestions for the hero dog’s handlers and the police department: spoil her!

Extra treats and belly rubs for Izzy. Good girl!” – Jennifer Kain Piscitelli via Facebook

“Thanks folks! Stay safe! Steak for K9 Izzy?” – Sylvia Guillemette via Facebook

After saving a child’s life, Izzy definitely deserves some steak. Without her help, who knows when or if she would have been found.

H/T: People
Featured Image: Facebook

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