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Boring Dog Food Becomes Special With A Hilarious Trick

| Published on August 17, 2020

Our poor dogs get stuck with the same old dog food for dinner while we feast on delicious human food nearby. Can you blame them for begging? Once you’ve had a little taste of the good stuff, the kibble doesn’t seem nearly as exciting.

One YouTuber discovered a pretty clever way of spicing up “boring” dog food for his picky pup. This little Shih Tzu named Nitro prefers things that come from the fridge. That’s where all the good food is kept. The video caption explains:

“My dog, Nitro wasn’t enjoying his dog food plain. So I came across a subreddit that mentioned to try to pretend that I was getting his food on the refrigerator. And it works like a charm!”

Screenshot, @Nitro Reviews!/YouTube

In the video, Nitro snubs his bowl of bland dry food. His dad then picks up the bowl and brings it over to the refrigerator. Nitro watches curiously as his person sets the bowl down on a shelf and shuffles a few things around.

Screenshot, @Nitro Reviews!/YouTube

After a few seconds, he takes the dog food bowl out of the fridge and brings it over to Nitro’s feeding area. The dog doesn’t even take a second before digging right into what surely must be a bowl of delicious people food. After all, he saw it come from the fridge with his own eyes!

Screenshot, @Nitro Reviews!/YouTube

It may be just a placebo effect, but it sure is cute to watch. Watch Nitro’s gourmet feast for yourself below:

Seems like this little trick really works, at least on this particular dog. It’s no guaranteed solution to a picky eater problem.

Most commenters offered up their own suggestions for getting a picky dog to eat (everybody’s got ’em…) But others turned up to show their appreciation for the adorable video.

He’s like ‘I not eating that- oh never mind [that,] me owner put good in it yum!'” – Riccardo Canova via YouTube

Why? What are dogs thinking? Protest then cant remember the protest.” – XKimi KimjaX via YouTube

“I do this almost every day lol, sometimes I even make believe it’s coming out of the microwave.” Lourdes Martinzez-Altieri via Facebook

In my opinion, there’s nothing wrong with making your dog’s dinnertime into a pageant! Whatever works, works. And this clever refrigerator hack certainly works for Nitro. Maybe it’s worth a shot for your little picky eater!

H/T: boing
Featured Image: Screenshot, Nitro Reviews/YouTube

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