Bucket List Pup Hopes To Hug 100 People Before Passing On

Logan is described as “playful and spunky.” He’s a 9-month-old foster pup with big ears and beautiful, expressive eyes.

Logan came to Rescued Hearts Northwest just before Christmas. They knew that Logan wouldn’t grow to see adulthood – he was born with Pulmonic Valve Dysplasia, a heart condition that will probably only allow him a few more months to live. The foster who took him in understood that she would be fostering him for the rest of his life.

Ideally, his condition would improve and he would live a full, happy life in a loving home. His foster mom tells PEOPLE,

“If there was a surgery we would do it. Cost is not an issue. Unfortunately there is nothing that can be done.”

Rescued Hearts Northwest volunteer Lindie Saenz is an extremely experienced foster. Logan is her 99th foster pet.

Her family includes two rescue dogs and four kids, so there’s plenty of love to go around in her home. It was her son, Blake, who named the pup Logan, after the X-Men character Wolverine. Blake had hoped that by naming him after a comic book character who could heal himself Logan might be able to heal himself too.

Because the pup has so little time, his foster family wants him to have as many happy experiences as possible while he can, so together they came up with a bucket list full of activities that would fill any dog’s life with joy.

Logan has already crossed several items off his list:

He had a trip to the beach,

he got to pick out some squeaky toys,

he saw himself in a mirror,

played in the park with some kids,

and he is well on his way to getting a hundred hugs!

Rescued Hearts Northwest is helping Logan reach his 100-hug goal by arranging meet-and-greets for Logan. The outpouring of support as Logan’s story spreads has been huge. With so many fans he should have no problem reaching his goal!

Logan isn’t expected to have a very long life, but the life he does have will be lived to the fullest with all the joy and love a pup could hope to have!

If you’re in the area (Northwest Washington) you may be able to catch a Logan meet-and-greet, and help him accomplish his 100-hug goal! See more of Logan as he completes his bucket list by following Rescued Hearts Northwest on Facebook.

Featured Photo: Rescued Hearts Northwest/Facebook

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