Bulldog Puppy Gives His Mom Some Serious Sass!

Humans and dogs are no different when it comes to being proud of their children when they begin to explore the world around them. But like many children, puppies can certainly show their mothers a bit of attitude when it comes to their motherly excitement.

An adorable Bulldog puppy named Elvis was beginning to get out and about for the first time and stretch his tiny legs. With just learning how to walk, his mother Patches was standing close behind each step of the way.

bulldog sass
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Even though Elvis’s legs were trembling with each step, he wanted to tackle this adventure on his own! With that being said, imagine his dismay when he learned that his mom wanted to be close by each step of the way.

Though Patches was likely so proud to watch her baby venture out into the big world, Elvis wanted to be an independent pup. It wasn’t long before Elvis decided to showcase his attitude and let his mom know how he felt!

bulldog sass
Youtube Screenshots

With each loving head nudge that Patches offered Elvis, he would let out a tiny grumble, likely asking his mom to back up and let him pave his own way. No matter how many times Elvis pushed his mother away, Patches wasn’t budging! Once Patches reached out her paw to pat her sweet pup on the head, Elvis lost his cool.

Elvis then turned to his mother and gave her the cutest back talk session we’ve ever seen. It’s as if his mother listened to his adorable sass, but told him that she would remain close by no matter what. After an adorable exchange of words, Elvis continued on with his exploring.

bulldog sass
Youtube Screenshots

It’s clear that this momma and puppy have a wonderful relationship filled with love and laughter. Elvis is an only puppy, so it’s no wonder Patches feels so compelled to watch him so closely.

As the video ends, Elvis and his mom share a few quick cuddles as their playtime continues. Though the sass continued throughout the entire video, it looked like Elvis was finally starting to wind down. We have no doubt that Elvis was ready for a long nap after his adorable antics!

We hate to break it to Elvis that his attempt at looking tough was actually one of the cutest things we’ve ever seen. Take a look for yourself!

H/T: pawbuzz.com
Image Source: Youtube Screenshots

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