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Caged Dog “Waiting For Death” Finally Feels Freedom & Love For The First Time

A dog named Liszka is finally free to run and play like a normal dog. But that wasn’t always the case.

When the pup was found, she was locked in a small cage, forced to exist in her own feces. She had no food or water, and had just about given up on life. But everything changed when she was saved by Poland’s OTOZ Animals rescue.

She was lying and waiting for death. She was somewhere between scrap and waste,” said one of the rescuers in an article by Daily Mail

Poor Liszka had been cramped in the small crate for so long, she could barely walk. Unsurprisingly, she was also very fearful of humans.

But this sweet girl’s story doesn’t end there! Once rescued, Liszka received medical treatment and therapy. She got leg messages in order to help her gain mobility, and has learned what it’s like to get loving affection from humans. She’s also learned how wonderful grass feels under her feet! Despite the injuries in her legs, she can’t help but run around when she’s outside.

Look at her go!

According to Daily Mail, the brave pup is happily living with her forever family, who are helping her recover.

Image Source: Screen Shot via Daily Mail
Image Source: Screen Shot via Daily Mail


And as for the pooch’s former owner? He’s getting investigated by police.

“This is not the first police intervention this man has faced,” Sylwia Zajac, who’s with the rescue, said in the story. “Another dog has been previously taken from him. When animal rescuers came back for the female dog, the owner was so aggressive that we had to call the police.”

We hope that this cruel man gets the punishment he deserves. The most important thing is that Liszka has gotten a second chance to live a wonderfully happy and healthy life.

(h/t: Daily Mail)

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Written by Karen Tietjen
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