A Safe Alternative to Rawhide Dogs Go Crazy For

Bully sticks are becoming more and more popular and with good reason. These long-lasting treats are loved by almost every dog and they’re full of benefits. Unlike rawhide, which is made with different chemicals and some unnatural ingredients, bully sticks are full of healthy perks. 5 Reasons Bully Sticks Are the #1 Most Popular Dog Chew Many owners are often turned off by bully sticks when they find out they are made from beef pizzle (penis). But rest assured, they … Read more

Senior Rescue Dog Diagnosed with Brain Tumor Fights for Her Life

After spending a lifetime in a puppy mill, Chloe was finally rescued. Tragedy struck again, however, when Julia Arney’s vet recommended she euthanize Chloe, her senior Maltese, due to a brain tumor. But Julia was determined to give her beloved pet a fresh start, and Chloe was ready to fight! “Every day is a gift. We were supposed to lose her so long ago.” In September 2017, Julia Arney’s vet recommended she euthanize her senior Maltese, Chloe. Julia was heartbroken – … Read more

A Treat You Can SHARE with Your Dog? These Organic Baked Treats Taste Amazing to Pups & People

One Dog Treat Company Believes That If Its Not Good Enough for Humans, It’s Not Good Enough for Dogs We have to admit, we were a bit skeptical. A dog treat that both humans and dogs could eat, that actually tastes good? But from the moment you tear open the bag and get a whiff of the smell, you begin to understand. My 13 year old Siberian Husky is as picky as a cat when it comes to food and … Read more

Volunteers Wanted: Must Want To Drink Wine And Feed Shelter Dogs

Love Dogs. Drink Wine. What could be more relaxing than spending some quality with your pup? Maybe adding a glass of wine and feeding shelter dogs. Great news! iHeartsDogs is excited to announce our new partnership with Winc (pronounced wink). What’s Winc, you ask? It’s just quite possibly the best way to enjoy a glass of wine without ever having to leave home. Plus, with your Winc order 25 meals will be donated to shelter dogs. Even better, Winc is … Read more

Improve Your Dog’s Health And Get To Know Him Better Than Ever With Animo!

The fitness tech game is continually changing the way many of us exercise, eat, and live. Being able to track our activity gives us an edge when it comes to our health and wellness, granting us the ability to tackle health goals and take better care of ourselves. With that being said, it’s about time there was a way for us to offer this powerful insight into the lives of our four-legged best friends! Tech trackers have the ability to … Read more

This Amazon Prime Find is a Great Way to Protect Your Dog From Fleas in the Fall & Winter Months

Many people assume that fleas die off in the winter and it’s safe to stop your dog’s flea and tick preventative. But is it really safe to do that? Do you need to worry about fleas during cooler months? The surprising answer is that YES, you do still need to worry about them during cooler months, and it’s all about their life cycle. About the flea life cycle You may be surprised to learn that much of a flea’s life … Read more

iHeartDogs Partners With Audible To Help Feed Hungry Shelter Dogs

We love our dogs, and in a perfect world, we’d spend every waking moment with them. But knowing that our dogs are comfy and cozy while we are away grants us peace of mind. The perfect little bed, a bowl full of their favorite chow, a basket overflowing of toys…but what else can we do to make things just right in our absence? Think about it: what is the most soothing sound to your dog’s ears? A human’s voice! This … Read more

Red Roof Inn: Where Your Dog Stays–For Free!

*Sponsored Content* With summer fast approaching, many of us our itching to hit the road. And if you’re a doting dog parent you’re planning on bringing Fido along for the ride, right? But where to stay?…Well, Red Roof Inn has a pawesome deal for you — and just in time for upcoming getaway. Not all hotels are pet-friendly, and many claim to be… but their policies aren’t always crystal clear and disguised with hidden fees. Bottomline: you may not always … Read more

If Your Dog Is One Of These Breeds, Watch Out For Painful Elbow Calluses

Elbow calluses, a thickened patch of rough skin, may look harmless enough, but they can crack and bleed or turn into painful ulcers or weeping sores. Elbow hygroma, a fluid-filled area on the elbow, may cause discomfort for your dog. Untreated calluses can even lead to infections. Luckily, preventing elbow calluses from forming in the first place may be easier than you think. Elbow calluses are generally caused by the pressure placed on a dog’s joints when they spend a … Read more

How To Choose the Best Collar For Your Dog

A collar is one of those fundamental necessities that all pup parents have for their dogs, but did you know that you have options when it comes to choosing the right type for your pooch? Depending on your dog’s personality and your lifestyle, you may find that certain types of collars work better than others. Are you using the right one for your dog? 1. Buckle Collar A traditional style, this collar has a buckle and notches, like the kind … Read more

The Healthiest Food Will Bring Your Pet A Thriving Life

What do you say when people ask you how your dog is doing? Do you shrug your shoulders and say “fine”? Or do you tell your friends and family that your dog is overjoyed, on top of the world, honest-to-goodness thriving?   Some people may be okay with knowing their dogs are doing “fine,” but others know that our dogs are capable of being so much more than just “fine” and won’t settle for less. How do you take your … Read more

Health Is Wealth, And The Same Can Be Said For Your Dog

Pet parents want their dogs to have the healthiest, longest life possible. Every year, we learn more about how healthy eating can affect a human’s mood, energy levels, and overall health – so it makes sense that the same would apply to dog food. NomNomNow has embarked on a journey to revolutionize pet health, starting with the #1 contributing factor to a healthy lifestyle: what they eat. Everybody knows by now how many health problems a lifetime of eating junk … Read more

6 All-Natural Ingredients That Calm Dogs Scared of Car Rides

We all deal with stress from time to time, and our pets are no different. While some dogs are more anxious than others, most dogs will have at least one thing that causes them stress, whether it’s a car ride, fireworks, a thunderstorm, or moving to a new house. There are medications that can help, but you might want to start with something a little milder first. Here are 6 natural ingredients known to help dogs who are scared of car rides.  … Read more

A Perfect Pairing: Wine & Dog Adoptions Come Together With This Gorgeous Gift Box

In order to help more shelter animals get adopted, charitable California winery ONEHOPE created a gorgeous gift box that appeals to wine and dog lovers…and their pups! But the best part is that each $49 box purchase funds the adoption of a shelter dog who desperately needs a forever home!   The Pinot For Paws Woof! collection is beautifully packaged and comes with goodies for both pet parents and their pups. Each box includes: -A delicious bottle of either Pinot Grigio or Pinot Noir (your choice) – … Read more

New Product Allows You To do a Home Wellness Check For Your Pet

A new product is out that will change pet care forever. Coastline Global, an industry leader in creating innovative health products for pets, introduces the CheckUp product line, a quick, noninvasive and reliable method to let pet parents observe their pets’ general health and detect common diseases in the comfort of the pet’s home. CheckUp is ideal for those who want to check their pets’ health in between visits to the veterinarian or for dogs and cats of all ages … Read more

Retractable Leashes Can Be Dangerous. Could This Be A Safe Alternative?

We have all heard of the dangers of retractable leashes. As a dog trainer, I really dislike them. I don’t use them and I tell my clients not to as well. I have seen many dog altercations happen because one (or both!) dogs were on retractable leashes, with owners either not paying attention or too far away to prevent anything. So when I heard about Lead Mate, a brand-new product that the inventors claim was an alternative to the retractable … Read more

While Recovering Together, This Woman’s Rescue Dog Inspired The Birth Of A Company

In 2012, Elsie Hamilton was just getting back on her feet after barely surviving a heart attack at the age of 48. Her youngest son Lachlan wanted another dog to join the family’s geriatric Boxer, so they went to the Denver Dumb Friend’s League. Hamilton told iHeartDogs how a sad rescue dog and her son chose each other: “When we first saw Lilly, she was in a pen with 3 other dogs, and while they goofed and gamboled around, she sat with … Read more

Book Review: CHOW Simple Ways to Share The Foods You Love With The Dogs You Love

When Rick Woodford received the news from his vet that his best friend, Jackson, was diagnosed with lymphoma, he wasn’t too surprised. He had noticed Jackson’s health had been going downhill quickly. He refused to eat and had no energy. The vet gave him less than a year to live. Determined to help his friend enjoy what was probably his last days, Woodford “lured him back to the bowl with a mixture of food that I just threw together—mostly turkey … Read more

Hate Being Away From Your Pet? Interact From A Distance With This Clever Device

If you’re a pet parent who’s concerned about leaving your cat or dog home alone while you’re at work every day (read: almost all pet parents), the intuitive Hoison Practical Smart Pet Feeder is a great solution to ease your concern, and maybe even a little of your guilt. (Note: Now, I’m not the most tech-savvy, but I was able to download the accompanying control app and maneuver it with relative ease. Also, assembling the feeder took no time at all, and … Read more

19 Of The Coolest Dog ID Tags On The Market

Dog ID tag

Even with microchips, your dog’s first line of defense is an ID tag. After all, there are non-pet people out there that don’t know to take a dog somewhere to have their microchip scanned. But ID tags are easy. Your only problem is going to be choosing just one. And with so many cute options out there, how do you decide? Here are 19 cool dog tags to help you narrow down your search. Which one looks like the best … Read more