Couple Donates $10,000 Of Lottery Winnings To Local Shelter

Have you ever had that fantasy, the one where you’ve won the lottery and all you have to do is decide how to spend it? For most of us that’s all it is: a fantasy. But recently, one Virginia couple really did get that rare opportunity. Their $1 million lottery ticket was a winner and the lucky recipients decided they wanted to spend a large chunk of their winnings on homeless animals.

They donated $10,000 to the Montgomery County Animal Shelter.

Though they prefer to remain anonymous, the donors have supported the shelter for years, adopting three dogs from there. They just wanted to give back to the shelter and its residents.


$10,000 is no small change, and it will help the shelter perform so many of its essential operations. Shelter Director Eileen Mahan thanked the kind donors in an interview with WDBJ:

“Our donations really help us go above and beyond, and that’s where something like this really impacts how we can help the community and help the animals in this community.”

Besides just the basic costs of housing animals, surgeries that can change a dog’s circumstances and make them adoptable can cost thousands of dollars alone. Then there’s nutritious food, toys, blankets, staff costs… saving lives isn’t cheap! Not to mention, lowering adoption fees can increase adoption rates too.

Mahan explained how far this much money will go:

“Money like this will allow us to get some of those surgeries taken care of beforehand, make the animals more adoptable, get them into their perfect homes quicker. So it just makes everything better.”

Screenshot, 10 News

In the year 2020, a financially devastating one for many, this gesture means so much more. Now more than ever, communities need assistance. Plus, animals need homes pandemic or not.

Donations to shelters and other charitable organizations in general dropped this year. Mahan added:

“The amount of generosity…it just takes your breath away.”


The season of giving really takes on a new meaning with this incredible gift. It could get several dogs and cats out of the cold and into forever families this winter.

“It is definitely the best Christmas gift these animals can get, I guess short of a new home.”

It may still be just fantasy to me, but if I ever win the lottery this seems like a pretty great way to spend the money. For now, I’ll stick to regular donations, because as they say, no amount is too little.

H/T: 10 News
Featured Image: @MC.Pet.Adoption/Facebook

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