Couple Relocates Their 46 Rescue Dogs To A Four Acre Canadian Paradise

Mark and Sharon Starmer of British Columbia may very well be the most devoted dog parents on Earth. Not only have they personally rescued 46 dogs, they also uprooted their lives in Alberta in order to keep them.

Many members of their pack were considered long-shot adoptions due to old age and poor health. Now they are living out their days in canine bliss thanks to this special couple.

The Starmers took in their first rescue dog in 2004 and found that they had a passion for animals the rest of the world had thrown away. Before they knew it, the number of pets in their home had skyrocketed, resulting in an ultimatum from Alberta authorities – get rid of the dogs or move. They moved.

All 46 dogs are considered indoor pets, but when it comes time for potty breaks and play times, their new home in British Columbia offers a 4-acre custom built enclosure to romp through. Look how happy these pups are!

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Here’s how the breed distribution of the Starmer pack breaks down:

  • 10 Siberian Huskies
  • 9 Leonbergers
  • 4 St Bernards
  • 5 Mixed breeds
  • 2 Great Danes
  • 2 Standard Poodles
  • 2 Moyen Poodles
  • 1 Neapolitan Mastiff
  • 1 Tibetan Mastiff
  • 1 Maremma Sheepdog
  • 1 Newfoundland
  • 1 Japanese Akita
  • 1 Alaskan Malamute
  • 1 Shar Pei
  • 1 Portuguese Water Dog
  • 1 Afghan Hound
  • 1 Rough Collie
  • 1 Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen
  • 1 Grey Wolf

That’s right, they even took in a rescue wolf who lives alongside Mark, Sharon, their son Tristan and the other 25 dogs in harmony.

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Mark admits that having 46 indoor dogs can get rather messy. Aside from the constant cleanup, caring for them is expensive! The veterinary bills for the older and sickly dogs alone can be astronomical, not to mention the monthly price tag for feeding the entire pack. Mark told Metro News UK:

“Caring for 46 dogs is unimaginably expensive. Sometimes it’s a case of buying food for the dogs or for us, but it will always be them. We only get by because of the wonderful support from our food supplier and friends.”

Despite the full-time task, the Starmers say they could not imagine living their lives any other way. They are not closed off to the idea of more adoptions, but for now they plan to focus on helping others meet their furry best friends instead.

Mark has even made the 3,000 mile round-trip drive from British Columbia to deliver a dog to its adoptive family in New Mexico. He told Metro News:

“As far as I’m concerned, when it comes to dogs, the end of the earth isn’t too far to go.”

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Featured Image via Facebook/Angels in Canada

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