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Creative Dog Mom Turns Her Curious Bulldog Into A King

Written by: Molly Weinfurter
Molly Weinfurter is a writer for iHeartDogs, and she’s passionate about helping animals in need. She volunteers for Bailing Out Benji and a local dog rescue.Read more
| Published on May 12, 2020

Dogs love to look outside. It’s like their own personal TV, with plenty of squirrels, humans, and other dogs to watch. That’s why Ranveig Bjørklid Levinsen, a dog mom to two adorable Bulldogs named Bogart and Winston, decided to help her dogs see through the fence. She made two holes in the fence just big enough so the dogs could stick their heads through instead of trying to dig or jump the fence. Clearly, Bogart and Winston love these lookout spots since they use them daily. However, Levinsen knew that she could do something to make the holes in her fence even more special.

Crafting the Perfect Looks

When people walk by this house in Denmark, it’s probably silly to see two Bulldogs sticking their heads through. But silly isn’t a bad thing at all. In fact, the world probably needs a little more silliness right now. So, Levinsen decided to decorate the fence around the holes to make it look like the dogs were wearing costumes.

Image: Ranveig Bjørklid Levinsen Facebook

While it was Levinsen’s idea to create the costumes, her daughter was the one that actually painted them. The family decided that a king and a jester were the perfect duo for the two Bulldogs. So, they got to work.

“To prevent them from skipping the fence, we made the holes, but even if it was funny to see them from the other side, I just thought it would look even [funnier] if we painted something,” said Levinsen. “You know, like in amusement parks where you can have your photo taken in these kind of holes.”

The costumes started off with just the hats, but then they expanded on them further. Eventually, the dogs looked fully dressed up. One hole had a crown and a robe for the king and the other had a hat and collar for the jester. They were the most adorable looks ever!

Image: Ranveig Bjørklid Levinsen Facebook

Bogart Goes Viral!

The Bulldog costumes were a huge success. Many people walked by, stopping to take pictures of the adorable pups. Some even stopped to give the dogs treats and attention. The dogs might not have known the reasoning behind it, but they sure adored the extra love!

One person who passed the house even took an adorable video of Bogart. He’s just sitting there with his head in the hole, making him look like a king. It’s the funniest, most adorable thing you could possibly see on your drive or walk. So, the person who filmed it posted it on social media to show the world. Bogart became famous in no time!

Image: Ranveig Bjørklid Levinsen Facebook

“It is crazy, this video has gone viral in Denmark, and we don’t know who started sharing it,” said Levinsen. “I’m afraid it’s going to his head with all the fame, but so far I’m so privileged to be his servant and subject.”

It’s amazing how one goofy photo or video can make a dog so popular. However, Bogart truly deserves his moment in the spotlight, so it’s okay if he gets a little full of himself because of it. He is a king, after all.

Featured Image: Screenshot, @112nyheder/Facebook

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