Definitely Innocent Dog Didn’t Break Into That Bag Of Flour…

Even when you think you’ve taken all the precautions, your dog can still find ways to cause trouble while you’re away. Dog mom Michelle Anderson came home from work one day to a crime scene, but the canine culprit was pretty easy to identify.

When she walked into her home, she saw an absolute mess of whitish powder all over the floor. The only ones home were Anderson’s two pups: Candy and Spike. Little white footprints lined the hallway, and most notably, her dog Candy’s little face was covered in the stuff too.

Michelle Anderson via Facebook

Clearly, Candy had broken into a bag of flour while Anderson was out. The look in the little dog’s eyes when she was confronted told a different story, though: one of innocence. Candy may not know she did wrong, or she may just trust in the power of her sad puppy eyes to get her off…. despite the evidence.

Michelle Anderson via Facebook

Anderson described the scene to The Dodo:

“There were flour footprints all in the room and down the hall. The flour looked like dough built up because she must have gotten thirsty then went back to the flour. There was dough in the water bowl.” 

Michelle Anderson via Facebook

Spike, Anderson’s other dog, obviously didn’t have any interest in participating, as he remained flour-free. If the unattended bag had contained some other food, he might have been all over it too, though, Anderson said. These pups are real scavengers.

“Both dogs will get into bags or coat pockets if they smell food. Spike just so happened to not like flour or he would’ve been in it too.”

Michelle Anderson via Facebook

Anderson noted she couldn’t really punish the obviously guilty Candy since she hadn’t fully protected the flour from this too-clever girl. Candy is a very food-motivated pup, and it’s also how she makes friends.

“A lot of people think that she’s warmed up to them but as soon as there is no food in their hand it’s back to square one.” 

Check out the hilarious video of Candy’s clear guilt here.

Is Flour Bad For Dogs?

Don’t worry: Candy may have an upset tummy after gorging on flour, but she’s not in major danger. Grains are not necessarily bad for dogs. Dogs don’t have a nutritional requirement for carbohydrates, but they can consume them safely.

It’s possible your dog can have a grain allergy, but most allergies in dogs are to protein sources. Still, uncooked flour is a raw ingredient, so it can always come with other dangers like bacteria or mold. If your naughty pup breaks into some flour, monitor them for digestive issues. They’ll likely just get over it after some bloating.

H/T: The Dodo
Featured Image: Michelle Anderson via Facebook

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